Why chores are invaluable for kids


Why is it important to give kids chores?


We often want to either spoil our kids or not deal with the complaining when given chores, but in fact, kids need responsibility and independence to flourish and grow. They need to problem solve and learn how to do things for themselves. Giving your child chores is beneficial for their growth and development.


Psychology Today highlights that kids who do chores learn to be kind, helpful, and grateful. Moreover, research indicates that children who have chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible and are better able to deal with frustration. These attributes contribute to greater success in school and in their future. For example, Marty Rossman found that a predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20s was that they participated in household tasks when they were as young as three or four.


While it may take longer to set the table and there will surely be more moaning and groaning, chores also help kids feel like an important contributor in the family. In fact, we recommend using this to help inspire your kids to follow through on their chores. When my youngest complains that they do not want to clear the dishes from the table, it is useful to explain, “your dad bought the groceries, I cooked the meal, your sister set the table, and it is your turn to clear the dishes. We work together as a family”.

Age appropriate chores


It is important to find chores that are challenging enough for your kids to grow, but not so challenging that they end in frustration. Below is a useful chore chart that can help guide you in giving your children chores.


How does Vorwerk Kobold help?child-using


The Vorwerk Kobold is a great system for kids!

The Vorwerk Kobold All-In-One Cleaning System is an easy to use system and is appropriate for kids. It is lightweight and ergonomic. It can also clean everything including carpets and mattresses. Start with basic vacuuming, then mopping and vacuuming. Later, kids can learn the importance and how to clean the mattresses and carpets. They will be well ahead of the curve when they are teenagers!

The Vorwerk Kobold Robot is fun to programme and watch. Kids cannot wait to see the robot come to life and start zooming around your home. This high tech cleaner will make chore time fun for the younger ones.

Lastly, the Vorwerk Kobold handheld is the perfect lightweight and ergonomic mini (but powerful) vacuum to clean up little messes. For example, after craft time, or when your child spills something, they can learn the importance of cleaning as you go through quickly using the handheld. No mess, zero stress!




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