New VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Test – Love at first sight


While we feel most vacuum cleaners do they job, it does not take much to see how much is missing… Brushes that cannot be removed and properly cleaned, so they simply spread the dirt and germs. Most cleaners have motors that emit carbon and end up polluting our air. Oh, and I cannot forget the deafening noise and weight that makes the very act of cleaning stressful. It’s tiring and not how cleaning should be.


Perfection is a device. The VK200 upright effectively, efficiently, and silently glides over surfaces, even filtering the air as it works. A breath of fresh air in every way!



When I used the VK200 for the first time, I was expecting putting in the filter bag to be the usual wrestling match. Instead, a snap and click later, I watched with amazement as the bag lifted itself neatly into place. Then, the LED filter display lit full green, showing the filter bag was empty and ready to go. I started on the carpet (where the VK200 practically drove itself) and when I moved to the floor, it automatically adjusted itself (lifting the front and lowering the brushes) to provide a meticulous clean. Is this love? I think so. Wow, I can actually hear my thoughts over the sound of the vacuum.


ONE DEVICE FOR ALL SURFACES – SIMPLY BRILLIANTscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-1-45-11-pm

Gone are the days where your closet is exploding with cleaning items and products. The Kobold VK200 vacuums and mops (at the same time using the VacuMop!), cleans upholstery and furniture, as well as expertly deep and dry-cleans mattresses and carpets. Plus, there is a soft nozzle attachment for dusting, an attachment for catching dust while drilling, an attachment for cleaning vents, blinds, and other high areas, and more.

Every detail of the VK200 has been meticulously thought through and perfected over 130 years. More than great design, this new cleaning system changes what home cleaning means. After all, why can’t cleaning be relaxing?



Each time after cleaning my home, I feel the difference. I have never been able to clean all of the surfaces in my home so quickly and easily. With a self-winding cord, putting the VK200 away is also a breeze. Plus, it hangs beautifully on the back of my closet door, ready to provide a superior clean for many years to come. Wait. Correction, a superior clean for a generation.


Give it a try and let the VK200 speak for itself. Book your free no pressure demonstration today.

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