Top Tips for Keeping Organized


“My house was clean. Then the kids woke up. The end”. Sounds familiar?


Let’s face it, despite our best efforts to keep things tidy, there’s nothing children love more than re-cluttering. It can feel like a constant battle to put things away!


We all want home to be a place of calm — somewhere that is relaxing and pleasant to be in. However, when things are disorganized, it all inevitably ends in a big stressful mess.


Here are my top tips to keeping organized and feeling more relaxed at home, even with kids!!


Top Tips for Keeping Organized:


1. Fold clothes so that they stand up


Marie Kondo changed my life. She is the foremost Japanese organizing guru and author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.


Standing clothes up like this will keep all clothes visible. You can use small boxes as drawer dividers to keep your clothes in line. You can choose what to wear in a hurry without disrupting other clothes, so your closet remains neat, your clothes wrinkle free, and getting dressed a pleasant experience. When I switched to this system, I found that I knew what clothes I own better. When I shop I fill in gaps in my wardrobe instead of buying same/similar cluttering items.


2. Double up on clothing hangersUse can tabs to hook together two hangers. This will use much less closet space!


See more at The Shabby Creek Cottage.


3. Use the back of cabinet doors


This is a commonly wasted space, but so much can be stored in the back of cabinet doors! Also, it keeps clutter in a place that is easily accessible, but ultimately out of sight.


  • Use bulletin or white boards in a cabinet the whole family uses for task lists and notes. These important memos will remain out of the way
  • Install racks (for spices in the kitchen, or hair accessories in the bathroom)
  • Similarly, use hooks for cooking utensils
  • Place magnetic strips in bathroom cupboards for small metal and hard-to-keep-track-of items such as tweezers and bobby pins
  • Line the back of the cupboard with a metal sheet for magnetic storage items and/or fridge magnets.


4. Compartmentalize your junk drawer

Extra points for labelling so even the most clutter blind family members can put things where they belong.


5. Embrace Towel Bars

That’s right. Towel bars are a great way to store items decoratively around your home. Hang cups and measuring spoons in the kitchen, key baskets and plants at the entrance way, or even ties/scarves in your bedroom. Sometimes de-cluttering is not about hiding your items, but finding ways to showcase your favourites in a neat way.

6. smart medicine cabinets

Install a power outlet inside your medicine cabinet so that you can charge small bathroom electronics (razers, electric toothbrushes, etc). This way, you can store and charge them without worrying about those unsightly cords.


vk_0302_garderobe_a_063.tifAt the end of the day, sometimes clutter is simply that: Clutter! We don’t really need everything we own. When you go through the process of giving away the things you don’t really need, you will live lighter and truly value the things that you do have. Plus, it will be easier to assign everything its own home, so that it is easier to put things away after use (even for kids with some patience and practice).


Keep only what you love and give everything a home.


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