The Smart Robotic Vacuum (VR200)

Artificial Intelligence in the Household!


Artificial intelligence is not only used in space travel or large-scale industries, but surrounds us at every step, even in our own households. Some of the most useful technologies have been teeming with microprocessors and networked modules for a few years, but how did it happen? The world of experience takes a look back at the rather short history of artificial intelligence and shows us how we got from the computer with punched cards, to vacuum cleaner robots like the VR200 or internet-capable refrigerators.


The term “artificial intelligence” refers to a part of computer science that deals with the programming of learnable systems. Ideally, such machines have a kind of awareness and cannot only perform things, but are also able to solve unexpected problems independently. The term was invented in 1955 by John McCarthy, an American scientist, and is now considered the standard designation. The prospect of having non-human volunteers for difficult tasks aroused the thoughts of engineers and Hollywood directors alike. Who doesn’t remember classics like “Odyssey in space”, “Tron” or the animated film “Wall-E” from 2008?


Artificial Intelligence quickly made a jump from the stage to reality. Starting in the 1960s, the first montage robots captured the conveyor belts of the US auto industry and in 1970 the first mobile autonomous robot called “Shakey” was introduced. With the cute and sensitive robots of children’s films, the gray box on wheels, however, had little in common. At present, robots act dutifully in the background and are used in medicine, aviation or in the home. Soon they could show us their soft side, as our video clip proves:




Although our Videoclip is to be understood with a wink, it serves as an indication of where artificial intelligence could develop to be in the household. Household robots will always be able to learn and help make life easier for us. This is why the new VR200 is even more intelligent through the use of floor and ultrasound sensors. The VR200 is also able to detect obstacles on its way and to decide whether it can overcome them best with its integrated climbing aid or by moving around them. It switches effortlessly from cleaning hard floors, to climbing onto and deep cleaning carpets. (For further product details to our robotic vacuum cleaner can be found here.)
While exceptionally smart (and a necessary part of the households of the future), robotic cleaners are only one component in a technology-filled household: For example, some refrigerator manufacturers offer their customers intelligent devices that adjust the temperature depending on how full the fridge is with food. In the medium term, the devices should even be able to scan their contents, adjust food autonomously and adjust dynamically to the taste of their owners.  Smart technology will improve modern lighting and heating solutions that adapt to the level of activity from people and thus not only save energy, but also save us from the annoying question during the drive to work, “Did I really turn off the light?”
When it comes to technical innovations for your wellness in your home, the Vorwerk Kobold team keeps you up to date – promised.




  • Designed by the German engineers at Vorwerk for long-lasting quality
  • Sophisticated navigation technology with 360-degree laser scanning to map the environment 1800 times per second
  • Recommended by Choice in May 2016’s review of Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  • Built-in climbing aid to help navigate between different floor heights with ease – perfect for climbing onto rugs where other robot vacuums struggle
  • Wall sensors allow the VR200 to clean right up against walls and into corners for total room cleaning
  • Eco option allows you to reduce the volume of the vacuum and increase the runtime up to 90 minutes per charge
  • Full scheduling available so you can programme the VR200 when to clean your home
  • Excellent suction created by the unique Vorwerk motor system
  • Perfect for cleaning on all floor surfaces including carpets and hard floors
  • Very low profile, only 9cm in height to allow cleaning underneath beds and other furniture


Give it a try and let the Vorwerk Kobold robotic vacuum cleaner speak for itself. Book your free no pressure demonstration today.


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