Electricity, light or heating/cooling: Everybody requires energy. It primarily is produced from fossilized energy sources:

    • Coal
    • Oil
    • Gas

How can we participate in securing energy supply and be environmentally friendly at the same time?

Vorwerk already pays attention to the environment during production

    • 95% of the waste material generated during production is re-used
    • The consumption of gas has been reduced by 65% since 1982
    • In comparison to 1990 the usage of water during production is now only 20%
    • For all products only environment friendly materials and re-usable packaging material are used
    • In comparison to other vacuum cleaners of similar power, 50% less electricity is used
    • Against other vacuum cleaners rated at 2.400 watt a Kobold cleans thoroughly using only 900 watt due to its highly efficient motor
    • All Vorwerk detergents are biodegradable and non-toxic
    • All Vorwerk products are free of solvents and CFCs
    • The expelled air from the vacuum cleaner is 1000 times cleaner than the air in the room due to the HEPA filtration system
    • On average a Kobold vacuum cleaner operates for 13 years giving cleanliness and freshness. This saves on manufacturing resources.

THE RESULT: By using a Vorwerk cleaning system you already contribute to the environmental protection