The best vacuum cleaning system for sand in your car and home


Summer is finally over and outdoor activities are blooming in the UAE. With kilometers of beautiful coastline stretching along Dubai, the beach is one of our favourite wintertime activities. Whether you go to Kite Beach, JBR, or Al Mamzar beach (to list a few) or enjoy great camping sites like Al Qudra, your whole family is sure to enjoy the time outdoors.

It is undeniable, however, that after a day at the beach or camping, it seems sand somehow magically makes its way everywhere. Weeks after a beach day, I often find myself mystified that sand still occupies every nook and cranny of my car.

With the new Vorwerk Kobold VK200 upright, you can enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of leftover sand.

The All-In-One VK200 is the best cleaning system for removing sand from your car and home!



flexi-attachmentThe Flexo-Attachment
With the Flexo-Attachment you can clean textiles, most surfaces and even small crevices – perfect for your car.

The Upholsterboy (Kobold PB440)
is ideal for cleaning textile fabrics, upholstery and those tricky to clean areas. It is great for areas you have not been able to reach before. This VK200 attachment has an additional second motor inside the attachment to pull particles from deep within fibres/textile.



Need to deep clean your car seats?
Did someone sit on your seats with wet bathing suit bottoms? Or, do you simply want to spruce up your car for the season?

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-12-08-07-amUsing the Upholstery Boy PB440 combines with the MP440 and MR440 attachments to dry clean upholstery. It uses Lavenia Snow cleaning agent, which is a toxic-free dry cleaning powder. You can now easily deep and dry-clean your car upholstery. Imagine! You don’t have to bother with taking your car to professional cleaners. We provide free training so that you or your help can use this simple system at home!

We hope you enjoy the season with us! Go outdoors and get messy. We will take care of the rest.



Give it a try and let the VK200 speak for itself. Book your free no pressure demonstration today.

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