The alarming story of Dubai’s abandoned pets!


We can all feel the scorching heat walking from the car to home. Summer is here! With it, it seems nearly everyone is leaving. Whether on vacation or home for good, there is a devastating problem in Dubai as many families do not take their pets with them.


Pet shelters are currently overwhelmed with dogs and cats that need new homes. In The National, Animal Action Abu Dhabi reported receiving between 3 to 5 calls every day with a request pick up a now homeless pet. This is a rate much quicker than they can find homes. What’s worse, sometimes dogs and cats are simply abandoned in the streets.


Reading and hearing this news, the idea of adopting another dog was growing stronger and stronger in my mind. We have one oversized adorable dog that could use a playmate and two little girls who would definitely love another furry friend.


I found Olly at the Pet Palace in Dubai. It was love at first sight. He is such a cute and incredibly energetic dog. He is a Saluki-Fox mix, sporting lean racing stance and a very fluffy tail. I adopted the best dog ever.


The most commonly abandoned dog is the Saluki mix breed. Saluki’s are known among dog-racing enthusiasts as a fast breed, but are abandoned after only a couple of years, essentially left to fend for themselves on Dubai streets. Wow.


When speaking with my friends about adopting a new pet, a common concern arises: What about all the pet hair and mess?


To this, I laugh. Why? Because I own a Vorwerk Kobold.


The Vorwerk Kobold is specifically designed for pet owners to have the perfect pet hair free clean in no time at all:


  • Polsterboy CatVacuMopSmallTrap airborne dust, dander, and hair with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter bag. It will seal everything away, instead of recirculating particulates into your home. The HEPA filter is proven to minimize allergens and deliver a boost of air freshness. Simply, any odours will be gone. Also, this filter will trap any potential fleas.


  • The all-in-one VacuMop attachment ensures that you don’t waste time chasing hair. With the VacuMop, both vacuuming and mopping is done all at once for a quick and beautiful hair-free clean on any hard flooring in half the time.


  • The Kobold Polsterboy is designed specifically to remove stubborn pet hair from your furniture. It has a second motor inside to not only remove pet hair, but also to deep clean the area. The unique shape means that it can be used in between cushions and in corners. This attachment is gentle enough for the finest furnishing and can even be used to remove hair from clothes.

We hope you consider adopting a pet, because with our cleaning system, they will bring nothing but joy into your home!

Here is a list of support groups, shelters, rescue groups, and charities that are helping furry friends in the UAE. They are looking for pet owners, donors, and volunteers.


This story is based on the experience of our Founder, Gerlinde Krupp, who has recently welcomed beautiful Olly to her home!



















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