Ricarda Ruecker

After seeing the demonstration of the capabilities of the Vorwerk Cleaning set I was immediately convinced and bought the entire set. It is extremely easy to handle, cleans much deeper and has so many multifunctions. What amazed me most was the amount of dust coming out of my sofa which I only have had since one year. This was a very worth investment especially having a baby in my house where I want to make sure all is clean at all times. I can highly recommend the entire set, for the floor, sofa, beds and windows.

Ricarda RueckerVP Leadership & OD MCNMiddle East Communication Network
Kerstin Hohmann

‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ does a lot more than get the sand and dust out of your atmosphere: it makes sure you have a clean home the easy way! Don’t try to save money by buying cheap household appliances! It took me too long to decide to buy my Thermomix. I now regret that I did not buy it when my kids were young, because it makes life so much easier. That’s why I went for the ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ as soon as I heard it was available in Dubai and I am thrilled with the results!

Kerstin HohmannGreen Community - Dubai
Janelle Malone

I absolutely love the feeling of clean floors under my toes in our villa since investing in the Kobold complete system. I have a real phobia about walking barefoot on tiled floors and I hated the dusty feeling I used to get between my toes. I’m pleased to say our tiled floors are now squeaky clean everywhere quicker than ever before. No more sweeping then mopping – the Kobold does it all quickly and effortlessly.

Janelle MaloneWomen Money & Style
Leo Edwards

It seems strange writing a testimonial for something I will never use as a man – but I am experiencing the benefits! As a photographer I keep some odd hours and since having my first son two years ago – weekend lay ins have become a thing of the past and sorely missed. We recently moved our cleaner to Saturday morning and Alfie our son loves playing with her and helping her vacuum downstairs with our old hoover which had a sound somewhere between an electric drill and a V8 engine – impossible to sleep through. The Vorwerk Kobold I am happy to report is virtually silent in comparison meaning I get sleep an extra couple of hours on a Saturday morning – priceless 🙂

Leo EdwardsLeo Edwards Photography

The main idea for investing in the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System was for the children’s bedding. I personally feel it is so important to have clean beds to keep the things that you don’t see clean. The mattress and carpets etc! The benefit has been that the system is so efficient and practical that it saves time as well – so it was double the bonus!! A true win-win!

MayssaArabian Ranches - Dubai
Sarah Beeny

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Kobold in one guise or another for over 20 years and it is simply the best vacuum cleaner around. Unbelievably light, it’s a breeze to handle, gets rid of more dirt than any other vacuum I’ve tried.

Built to last, the Kobold is full of great design touches that make it a joy to use and it comes with unbelievable choice of attachments to tackle a whole range of cleaning duties.

In fact, I upgraded to the latest model, the Kobold 140, as I begun to take on the restoration of Rise Hall, where it’s proved an invaluable friend and the essential household appliance that is used for far more than just cleaning floors. Alongside my beloved laptop, the Kobold is one gadget I can’t live without. I love my Kobold 140 and I’m sure that once you’ve tried one for yourself you will too.

Sarah BeenyTV Property ExpertRise Hall
Blue Hayes Private Hotel

Blue Hayes Private Hotel in St Ives, Cornwall, is a Gold Award, small, boutique three-star hotel, above Porthminster beach, overlooking St Ives Bay and harbour.

Following an extensive rebuild, the hotel has deep pile, cream carpets throughout the halls, stairs, Cocktail Bar and Restaurant – a very unusual choice of colour for a hotel.

With the prestigious Gold Award, granted by VisitBritain, maintaining high standards of cleanliness requires constant attention, and good equipment.

How do you keep your carpets so clean? is a question constantly being asked by our guests. Vorwerk vacuum cleaners have been used for the past eight years, for both daily vacuuming and regular dry cleaning. The Vorwerk system has without doubt enabled us to keep our carpets consistently clean, and extended their life by at least three years. I have not seen any other product on the market that could do this job so well.

Blue Hayes Private HotelSt Ives, CornwalBlue Hayes Private Hotel
Stella Bradbrook

As the manager of a busy domestic cleaning company, it’s important to me that my staff use top quality products to enable them to meet our clients’ high expectations. For the past 14 years I’ve chosen Vorwerk vacuum cleaners.

The machines have proven to be extremely effective and reliable. They’re powerful enough to thoroughly clean even deep-pile carpet, yet light and manageable enough to reach high, inaccessible corners. They’re extremely durable but when parts do need replacing it’s good to know that I can order them easily online, along with our day-to-day consumables.

In my opinion Vorwerk vacuum cleaners are the best on the market and, given their longevity, they’re well worth paying that bit more for.

Stella BradbrookMolly Maid Franchise Owner

I am allergic to house dust and dust mites and this is the reason why I bought the Kobold Cleaning System. My colleagues have noticed a huge difference in the amount of sneezing I’ve been doing in the office. I used to be completely blocked until lunch time, but now I am nowhere near as bad. I have maybe a few sneezes in the morning, and the allergy symptoms are gone. I have noticed that my girls aren’t as ill, either. We haven’t been using our A/C for a while, and because of local construction, our house can get very dusty. However, their room is always fresh