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Summer offer on VR100 Robot

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.57.33 PMGet our amazing and award winning robot at the discounted price of 2500 AED.  

The Vorwerk Robot Vacuum Cleaner Kobold VR100 — a modern way to clean. A robot with an obsession: the VR100 will systematically vacuum your home, room by room, strip by strip. Thanks to its innovative laser navigation, obstacles such as rugs and door sills are no problem for the VR100 as it can see these just as well as its own charging station. Your home will always be clean and freshly vacuumed, thanks to the new Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

With specially adapted rotating brushes, the Vorwerk Kobold VR100 effectively removes dirt, dust and pet hair from carpets, hard floors, in and around corners and even underneath furniture. Cleaning has never been so easy: the Kobold VR100 has an easy to program schedule so you can set it to clean when you’re not at home. It also has a spot cleaning mode. Intelligent navigation, powerful suction and efficient battery technology – these are some of the excellent attributes of the Vorwerk Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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  1. Benny Y says:

    Great work.

  2. best robot says:

    Awesome site. Thanks for sharing. I’m obsessed with this convo. Clean carpet is a must have.

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