Tradition, sustainability and social awareness – as a family-owned company, Vorwerk is committed to upholding certain special values. That is why Vorwerk is engaged in social and environmental activities all around the world. These range from developing eco-friendly production systems to supporting international aid organizations.

follow_33_img_soskinderdorf_03To Vorwerk, it is of utmost concern to make sure children all over the world grow up protected by a family. With the help of the „Vorwerk Family Fonds“ the family-owned business Vorwerk collects donations worldwide for the „SOS-Kinderdörfer.“ Guided by their strong commitment, coworkers, consultants, board members, and the entrepreneurial family have altogether donated an amount as large as over 1,365,000 Euros to the Fund so far.

The Vorwerk Family Fund has so far has lent its support to two villages, one in India (Hyderabad) and one in Costa Rica (Moin), by building a number of family houses there. Vorwerk’s third joint project with SOS Children’s Villages is something very special: the construction of an entire village in Vietnam (Quy Nhon). By sponsoring the new village, Vorwerk will be giving up to 140 children and their SOS mothers a new home as well as providing for their long-term upkeep. The village with its 14 family houses and additional facilities occupies a site 448,000m2 in area and was officially opened in October 2012.


SOS Children’s Villages has been campaigning on behalf of children for nearly 60 years now, providing for them, championing them and fighting for their rights. The organization’s key focus is to help girls and boys who are forced to fend for themselves or are victims of neglect, and disadvantaged families. Over 480 SOS Children’s Villages in 132 countries of the world offer approximately 66,000 children a new home.

Vorwerk Family Fund Vietnam