Smart Lifestyle choices from Dubai based Mother


As a mother you need to make smart decisions about what’s important and where you invest your time!

Today we would like to introduce you to Kerstin, a wonderful German lady who lives in the Green Community in Dubai – she has some great advice to share. 
Together we sit down and talk smart choices and making life easier.


Q1. Kerstin, where are you originally from and what bought you to Dubai?

I am from Germany and came to Dubai 10 years ago when my husband got a job offer here in the UAE.

Q2. How did you come across the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System?

I have worked as a consultant for THERMOMIX, a kitchen machine made by Vorwerk, the same brand that developed the ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System.’ I heard from friends that a Vorwerk shop would open in the Green Community managed by another German lady (we Germans love good quality products).


I was so happy to have somebody close by to share my passion of Vorwerk’s products with, and that’s how I met Gerlinde.

Q3. Can you tell us about your home, how would you describe your lifestyle?

I have 4 children aged 5, 8, 11 and 13, so I would say our house is lively, sometimes hectic, and very noisy. Our lifestyle is based on the children’s needs given their age. Simply put, this means putting practicality first.  The design of our home has a focus on space and storage – space for the kids to play, and storage for the toys. I try very hard to be organized, but that’s a different story.


Q4. As a mother, how important is it to have a clean home? 

I am pretty easy going, but need a certain cleanness. More importantly, my cleaning routine has to be easy, and that’s why I love the ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System.’

Q5. What is your definition of wellness?

For me, wellness is about feeling comfortable and happy.  I feel comfortable where I live, and love to spend time with my friends and family in the comfort of my own home!


Q6. What is your advice to other women who want to live clean and live well?

Don’t try to save money by buying cheap household appliances! For example, it took me too long to decide to buy my Thermomix. I now regret that I did not buy it when my kids were young, because it makes life so much easier. That’s why I went for the ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ as soon as I heard it was available in Dubai. If something can make your life easier and healthier, GO FOR IT!

Q7. What challenges do you think women face keeping their homes clean in Dubai?

The sandy landscape and numerous construction sites do not make it easy to keep your house clean! We have to learn how to deal with a constant presence of dust and dirt, and for families who have pets, the dirt all adds up. So you need to address keeping your home clean the smartest way possible.


Q8. Why do you love the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning system?

The fact that Vorwerk is well-known for their good quality and product life expectancy made my decision to purchase a home cleaning system! ‘The Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ is easy to operate, very functional, quiet, and lightweight. There is even a special attachment for drilling holes.


Here is Gerlinde demonstrating precisely how the drilling attachment works. Perfect for those times when you’re hanging pictures and you don’t want to get wall dust everywhere. 

Kerstin believes that the ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ does a lot more than get the sand and dust out of your atmosphere: it makes sure you have a clean home the easy way!

If you would like to get a free demonstration in your home, you can contact Gerlinde here.

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