Ramadan Kareem Health & Cleaning Tips

Ramadan Kareem Cleaning Tips

Ramadan Kareem from 4Work

Today’s Blog Article is about the traditional month of Ramadan! As a German retailer based in Dubai, UAE we experience and live the Ramadan tradition, too! Ramadan is a time-period to be efficient and to take the advantages of the opportunities for ibadat. We have a few tips & tricks to show you how you can get through Ramadan Kareem healthy and clean with or without our vacuum cleaners!

Ramadan Kareem Health & Cleaning Tips

Tips for a cleaner and healthier Ramadan Kareem

  1. Have a plan for the daily Iftar Meals: Simply prepare the kinds of dishes you will make for you, your family and friends. With the use of the Vorwerk Thermomix you can create mouth-watering dishes in no time.
  2. Buy in bulks: Stocking up on products during Ramadan is energy efficient and consumes less time in the long run of the month! These products do not only include food but also home appliances and other useful cleaning equipment.
  3. Preparation is everything: Make sure that the kitchen is cleaned before you start your Iftar meal cooking. Be aware of the food and your family, is one of your friends or family member allergic? We offer great guidelines to keep your surroundings ALLERGY-FREE! Allergy Free Home Guidelines
  4. Clean as you work: As mentioned earlier, cleaning and being clean is one of the biggest key points for the best chefs and others. Ramadan also teaches to be disciplined, that said, from breaking the fast to praying maghrib salah to taraweeh prayer, there isn’t much time to waste. At such busy times, most parents and women just want a ROBOT to clean for them!
  5. Stay hydrated while cooking: Now you will probably say ‘That’s not allowed/possible’. We refer to the heat in the kitchen while cooking! Depending on where you live, open the windows or turn on ventilating fans or air conditioners to prevent dry or blocked skin (cutaneous glands). PROBLEM WITH AIR IN ROOM?
  6. Tomorrow comes after Today: Be prepared for the next day of fasting and Iftar! Make the leftovers work for you and don’t waste them. Prepare for suhoor the night before since it starts at such an early hour. It is all about being efficiency and preparation for what’s happening next! Not only the cooking but also the cleaning of your home if friends and family join!
  7. Pray for Barakah in Your Time: Last but not least, pray to Allah to put blessings in all that you do. Your own efforts to plan and do things more efficiently will result in a more efficient kitchen during Ramadan, insha’allah.


For more Tips and Guidelines look at MyHalalKitchen!

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