Protecting Floors from the UAE Humidity

Let’s solve your sticky-floor syndrome!

You may have noticed a strange phenomenon in the UAE. Unlike any other place I have lived in, the floors somehow become sticky. Mixed with the sand, it takes no time for floors to become an unbearable mess…


Why do my floors feel sticky?

Hardwood and laminate floors often become sticky with high humidity, which is very common in the UAE. The humidity average is a high 53% to 65%, with the highest humidity during the winter months.

When floors feel sticky in high humidity, this is a sign that the finishing is breaking down due to the accumulation of dirt and grime over time. Certain other finishings simply do not do well in high humidity. For instance, shellac softens in high heat and humidity (and we recommend avoiding shellac finishing in the UAE for this reason).

Not only does high humidity bring out the damage done to our floors, but humidity also causes wood and laminate floorboards to swell and bend.

When living in the UAE, floors need extra care – to prevent damage from dirt and grime as well as high humidity.


How to protect floors?

  1. Keep your floors clean! As mentioned above, the accumulation of dust and grime, particularly finger grease, causes the gradual breakdown of flooring.
  2. Lastly, where possible, keep the humidity in your home down to a minimum (between 35% – 55%). you can measure humidity levels with a humidistat or a hydrometer. If the humidity levels go beyond this range, make adjustments, such as the use of a dehumidifier or turn your air conditioning colder.
  3. Clean using minimal water and soap. Prevent excess moisture by never using a wet mop and cleaning up any spills straight away. In addition, use minimal cleaning products. While we can think that the more soap we use the cleaner, in fact too much soap leaves behind a sticky residue, which can also be damaging for many floor types.

Given the delicate nature of many hardwood floors and the need to provide a thorough clean without the use of excess water and chemicals, we are proud to offer a tailored solution within the UAE. The unique Kobold VacuMop attachment (to the VK150 upright cleaning system) vacuums and mops at the same time, using a very small amount of water and non-toxic cleaning product to effectively clean all floor types, including delicate and open grain hardwood. The VacuMop will leave your floors squeaky clean and save them from any potential damage due to dirt and humidity.vacumop

That is not all!

On November 22nd, we will launch the greatest revolution in home cleaning, which works with the VacuMop to make it that much better!

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