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LCD Control Panel

It’s easy to program the VR200. The control panel is located within an easily navigable LCD screen that boasts of an intuitive menu for easy programming. With this robotic vacuum, Dubai households can closely follow their cleaning schedules to the minute, as the machine can be set to start at an exact time or with the touch of a button.

VR200 Robot

Laser Room Scanner

Systematic cleaning, with built-in detector for preventing collision with obstacles.
This robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with an advanced laser detection system that allows it to plot its path and determine the areas which it has already cleaned. It can systematically and efficiently go through any space, and thoroughly clean the floor of your Dubai home without wasting energy. Built-in optical sensors can detect obstructions and prevent collisions. It can also detect where floor area falls off to prevent falling down stairs.


Dust Collector

Packs up dirt and dust securely 
For us, health and hygiene are first priority. As such, the Vorwerk Kobold VR200 is fitted with a high performance filter that ensures dirt and dust are collected and kept secure within a collector. As an added feature, the machine allows you to see when the dust collector has reached full capacity. The collector can be removed and emptied in a few steps, after which it can be used again for cleaning. The filter can also be removed for cleaning to ensure the machine is able to perform at an optimal level on a consistent basis.


Lithium-Ion Power System

Battery life is often one of the main concerns when it comes to battery-powered vacuum machines. The VR200 is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion power pack that grants it long-lasting battery life. On one full charge, the machine can function at full power for a period of 1 hour. When it needs to recharge, the automatic robotic vacuum cleaner will return to its charging station. After it reaches full capacity once again, it can finish cleaning the floor area it previously left. Maintaining cleanliness in your house in Dubai has never been easier.


Overcomes any kind of indoor terrain  

The VR200 robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with all-wheel drive capabilities allowing it to handle virtually any kind of terrain or obstacle in Dubai households. Obstructions that would normally deter other kinds of vacuum machines like doorsteps or cables will not deter this robotic vacuum cleaner. Broaching carpets from hard flooring is equally easy for this machine. The all-wheel drive system systematically distributes power where it is needed, much like how a 4×4 vehicle distributes power to its wheels to overcome challenging terrain.

Effective Brush System

Effective Brush System

Producing the best results.
The VR200 robot vacuum cleaner boasts of a specially designed brush system that lets it clean both carpets and hard floors effectively. An innovative system comprising roller brushes cleans up everything inside your Dubai home, from dust to pesky pet hair. It even features a special corner brush that allows it to clean tight corners, right up to the edges.



For a thorough clean all around. 
The Vorwerk Kobold VR200 is designed to access hard to reach areas, such as the floor underneath beds and furniture, so you do not have to worry about crouching low and hurting your back to sweep these places. Aided by its laser detection system, the Kobold VR200 will be able to methodically clean your floor until everything is squeaky clean.

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