Turn it up or down anytime. Unlike other handheld vacuums, the VC100 is able to switch between two suction levels for optimum performance. The power can be adjusted with the simple press of a button. This extensive level of control allows users to adjust the cleaning level to meet the needs of the task, which is particularly important when dealing with delicate materials.


Keep track of everything. The high visibility LED screen on this cordless vacuum displays battery level, so you can always keep track of when the Kobold VC100 needs to be recharged. With this feature, users can easily time their cleaning tasks according to the power capacity of the machine.


High-capacity, high-performance power pack. The portable Kobold VC100 hand vacuum cleaner is fitted with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that provides a constant stream of power. At full-charge, the battery can allow this rechargeable vacuum to function at full power for up to 20 minutes. Meanwhile, when not needed, the rechargeable vacuum can be placed back in its cradle, where it will recharge until it is needed again.


Slim, stylish, sophisticated cordless vacuum. The VC100 features the new Vorwerk lifestyle design, which is inspired by a firm dedication to innovation. The glossy white finish of this portable vacuum cleaner as well as charging station are carefully crafted in order to achieve a design that is truly pleasing to look at. Unlike others of its kind, the VC100 will not be an eyesore, but rather a piece that can complement any theme or design.


Lightweight & Ergonomically designed At a modest 750g, the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 is easy to use and carry around as a car vacuum. Optimally engineered, this rechargeable portable vacuum cleaner is ergonomically crafted so that the weight is mostly concentrated near the handle of the device, making it more wieldy and easy to handle. The design integrates convenience and efficiency in a single, aesthetically-pleasing body. The smart weight distribution allows you to clean corners and other hard to reach places, making it the perfect car vacuum.

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