Pet Safety Tips – Holiday Season

Holiday season is here, and we are all busy in preparing for family festivities. As we talk about family festivities how can we forget about being pet parents. It is great to gear up for the winter festivities however, these fury family members ask for little extra care. With holiday tinsels, plants, ornaments and lights all around the house, pet safety during the holiday season becomes critical. Here are some of the pet safety tips to help you secure your space for your loved ones.



Holiday Season 2015

Christmas tree and other seasonal plants:

The Christmas tree is no doubt the biggest attraction of this season. Cats and dogs get attracted towards the newly formed green corner of the house. Pets simply love to play with plants, make sure the Christmas tree is anchored firmly to avoid any mess up. Pine needles on the Christmas tree may seem harmless but can cause serious issues with the pet’s intestines, if ingested. Apart from Christmas tree, mistletoe, holly and poinsettias are all known to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and itchy throat. Try to keep these plants in an area where pets cannot reach. Ingesting on any of these plants can have far reaching effects on your pets.

Tinsels and other decorations:

Cats simply love this bling. They can be very dangerous for the pets if swallowed. While decorating the house and the Christmas tree, refrain from hanging tinsels and all other decorative on the lower branches as it becomes easier for the pets to jump and grab the tiny bits. Once you are done decorating the house, clean the room before pets get in contact with any ornament lying on the floor. If ingested, these tiny tinsels and ornaments can cause choking and also blockage in the intestines. Use powerful cleaning tools to make sure all hazardous substances are vacuumed completely.

Lights and candles:Pet Safety tips

Similar to the tinsels and ornaments, lights and candles can be a source of threat for the pets. Chewing on the lights may cause the pets to go in shock and may cause possible death. Candles increase the beauty of festivity, but make sure your pets can not reach them. Put the candles at high spots and on stable stands. Never leave the lit up candles unattended in the room.

Gift wrap and ribbons:

When packing the gifts keep your pets away. Clean the room as soon as you are done wrapping. Chewing on the ribbons and wrapping sheets may cause intestinal blockage which may lead to surgical treatment. Easiest solution to keep the house clean on festival season is to use a Robot, which can save you energy and time.


This Holiday season your family deserves a Happy Healthy and Clean Home.

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