Open Your Garden!

The weather is finally cooling down in the UAE and we are heading into the season of being outdoors! One dilemma, however: All of the plants are fried and everything is covered in thick Dubai dust and dirt! How to find the time to refresh your garden and enjoy the outdoors again (soon)?

This article will help you refresh, revamp, and ultimately ‘open your garden’ in time to finally enjoy the sun again!

backyard garden


Flooring: While power washing may be tempting on your outdoor floors, a gentle clean is a better approach for maintaining their look and quality long-term. Either sweep and hose (using chemicals only if needed), or use an outside cleaning system capable of cleaning thoroughly yet treating floors gently.

Furniture: For furniture kept outdoors throughout the summer, they will surely be buried in dust. Hose off the furniture that can be soaked without damage. For textiles, they will need a powerful vacuum and beating. The Vorwerk Kobold Polsterboy does a wonderful job of cleaning outdoor cushions year round. It has a second additional motor within the attachment, to ensure the best possible clean.

The Vorwerk Kobold Beating Brushes can also be used on outdoor cushions and textile furniture. Even if you have stored your cushions and/or furniture inside, we recommend freshening them up with a good vacuum and beating.Pool


In addition to basic pool care, this is an excellent time to ensure that everything is in order before you take a dip!

We think these automatic pool cleaners are worthwhile to save time keeping your pool clean.



 If your plants have withered to ash, you are not alone. Few plants can take the summer heat. When replanting this year, why not choose pretty plants that will beat the heat next year (like those in this fine Expat Woman List), such as Purple Heart, SweetHeart, Natal Plum, and our personal favourite, Hibiscus?


We hope these quick tips work for you! Call us for a free no-pressure demonstration of the Vorwerk Kobold in your home!

 See how the Vorwerk Kobold Polsterboy can work for you:

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