Today, 4WORK sits down with a creative and inspiring woman, mother, and artist, Margitta.  Margitta is a designer with a flair for all things artistic and stylish. We’ll be talking about living clean and living creatively.




Q1: Can you tell us about your life travels and what originally bought you to Dubai?

I am from Germany and came to Dubai in 2010, with my husband and children, dog, and cat! Growing up in Germany was orderly and safe. I sang in a youth choir and we travelled a lot through Europe. We sang in Rome, Valencia, and London. I always craved the feeling of freedom that came from other cultures and travel. I left Germany after my apprenticeship. With the support of my parents, I worked as a garment technician in China, Vietnam, Romania and the Philippines, before having my children and moving to Australia.  So, the Arab region was still missing from my life. I said to my husband, “Fancy living in the newest country in the world?” We gave it a go, and that’s why we are here now.




 Q2.Where did your passion for art and design come from?


I started being passionate about clothing at the age of 16, when I began sewing and designed half of my wardrobe myself. This passion was rewarded when I won the German hobby-seamstress Anne Burda Price award in 1986. After my A-levels, I trained with Germany’s largest clothing manufacturer and studied at the well-known London College of Fashion. This year Margitta launched her own fashion label called White Noise ( She focuses on high end men’s essentials such as smart and casual waistcoats, ties, bow ties and pocket squares. Next year she plans to design a high end women’s waistcoat range. C15R8745




 Q3. How did you come across the Vorwerk Kobold cleaning system?


My grandmother and mother already used Vorwerk in Germany when I was a child. As it is the world’s best vacuum cleaner, it was clear that I would also use it in my home.


Q4. Can you tell us about your home? How would you describe your lifestyle?


As an artist, I have an inner need to be creative. And as a mother of two children, living in a villa with pets and two teenagers, I must get my home cleaned in the most efficient manner if I want time for my art. I can create a bit of mess in my atelier, so the Vorwerk Kobold cleaning system is a real life-saver when it comes to living clean and living creatively. (



Q5. As a mother, how important is it to have a clean home? 

I truly believe we feel a lot better knowing that our children are in dust-controlled rooms. With the new Vorwerk cleaner, even mattresses can be cleaned. When allergies are a problem, it controls the level of sand, hair and dust mites. It’s a real dream product for a mother.



Q6. What is your definition of wellness? 

Living in a tidy and clean house makes you feel good. I love how my children want to invite their friends over to stay. I also love to invite people to my home to share a meal and good company.  Just like all women, I feel good when my house is clean, tidy, and well decorated. C15R8730


Q7. What is your advice to other women who want to live clean and live well? 

It’s simple! Tidy up rooms, don’t have a lot of dust catchers, and buy a Vorwerk Kobold cleaning system. C15R8722


Q8.. What challenges do you think women face keeping their homes clean in Dubai?

The main challenge is to control the penetration of fine sand!



Q9: Why do you love the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System

It is easy to use, light and quiet, and the wet cleaning uses minimum detergent and is therefore environmentally friendly




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