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Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success!

In case you missed it, you can check out the contest here: “Win a Weekend Campaign” 

Check out our 1st Winner.  “Kobold Competition 1st Winner” 

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Fitness Fest / Yas Island Gateway Park South Abu Dhabi

Event Date: 26th & 27th January 2018


Baby Bazaar/Times Square

Event Date: 27th January 2018


Wellness Fair event for members and non members/Dubai Ladies Club

Event Date: 30th & 31st January 2018

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The Smart Robotic Vacuum (VR200)

Artificial Intelligence in the Household! Artificial intelligence is not only used in space travel or large-scale industries, but surrounds us at every step, even in our own households. Some of the most useful technologies have been teeming with microprocessors and networked modules for a few years, but how did it happen? The world of experience takes a […]

Open Your Garden!

The weather is finally cooling down in the UAE and we are heading into the season of being outdoors! One dilemma, however: All of the plants are fried and everything is covered in thick Dubai dust and dirt! How to find the time to refresh your garden and enjoy the outdoors again (soon)? This article […]

Top Tips for Keeping Organized

  “My house was clean. Then the kids woke up. The end”. Sounds familiar?   Let’s face it, despite our best efforts to keep things tidy, there’s nothing children love more than re-cluttering. It can feel like a constant battle to put things away!   We all want home to be a place of calm […]

An Introduction!

Hello,  My name is Jennifer Sault and I am the new face behind the social media and online marketing at 4WORK. If you are new to 4WORK, it is the official GCC distributor of the best and most advanced vacuum cleaning system, the Vorwerk Kobold.    Many people contribute to the success at 4WORK, but […]

Easter Cleaning Tips

Even after the heavy rain on International Women’s Day yesterday, the showers still haven’t stopped in the UAE. Many roads have been shut down and Dubai is now on standby, forcing many expats to stay in their Home. This gives a great opportunity to take some more time (and care) for your household. Many of you might have Guests coming to […]

Taste of Dubai

Taste of Dubai is the City’s favorite food, drink and music festival. The festival is a 3-day food-lover’s fantasy, with exclusive fine-dining restaurants, world class celebrity chefs, and incredible lineup of international music. For all those food lovers you can come and watch live cooking demonstrations or get hands on and cook along with our […]

Pancake Day with 4WORK

Tuesday the 9th of February is: World Pancake Day! We have the right ingredients for you to enjoy a delicious pancake day with your loved ones. Ingredients -200g/7oz plain flour -350-400ml/12-14fl oz milk, or ½ milk ½ water for a lighter pancake -2 large eggs, lightly whisked -1 tbsp vegetable oil -pinch salt -vegetable oil, for […]

Simply The Best for UAE Residents

Housing Dubai’s property market is often believed to have no limits. Each apartment has to be more extravagant and luxurious then the previous one. Only in the UAE can you live in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa or on an island which is owned by you only. Every building that grows out of the Arabian sand […]

Clean Freak: Visible Dirt

Last week we looked at microscopic invisible dirt which we cannot see and which can have a negative health impact on our family and ourselves during our everyday activities i.e. eating or sleeping. This week we will look at the more obvious visible dirt that most of us know and can see. Cleaning your house takes up many […]

Clean Freaks: Invisible Dirt

What is invisible dirt and how can it be eliminated? Invisible dirt can mostly be found in sand ridden busy homes across the UAE. A household with closed windows and air-conditioning the perfect environment for dust-mites, sand and allergens to settle. What many people don’t realise, especially in Dubai, is that allergies and asthma are often triggered by […]

New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution: Clean-Freaks “With allergies, dust and sand being a real problem here, our state of the art solutions mean that you can tackle the cleaning of all areas of your home including mattresses, rugs, carpets and other surfaces with ease and with the knowledge that your home has received a deep down, thorough […]

A Healthy Home For Pet Owners

Vacuums are designed to pick up spills and messes in your home, but not every model is intended to clean up the hair your pet leaves behind. We have looked at three problems which all of the pet owners have to go through and how our VK150 can eliminate these.   1. Pet Hair:  After all, […]

Pet Safety Tips – Holiday Season

Holiday season is here, and we are all busy in preparing for family festivities. As we talk about family festivities how can we forget about being pet parents. It is great to gear up for the winter festivities however, these fury family members ask for little extra care. With holiday tinsels, plants, ornaments and lights […]

Taste of Abu Dhabi

People! Your favorite food and music festival is about to begin. Taste of Abu Dhabi is back again and we are going to be attending the event in full spirit. Like always, 100’s of yummalicious food items and soulful music is awaiting for you. It is yet another chance to meet 4WORK team and join […]

DSO Community Bazaar

Time for another fun meet up guys! This week we are going to DSO Community Bazaar. An amazing day full of fun activities. Let’s prepare ourselves to clean our houses and make them allergens free before winters dive in. Come meet us at our stall, find “4work” / “Vorwerk”, let’s chat and find ways to […]

Uptown Mirdif Market Day

We are looking forward to another fun day at Uptown Mirdif Market Day. With the start of Fall, festivities have just started to begin. This is another opportunity for all you people to come and meet us. You can book an “at-home” free demo with us, or just show up for some chit chat. Find […]

Vorwerk set foot into GCC

The New Kid on the Block Don’t misunderstand me, there are many good and functional cleaning machines on the market and more and more brands are making it into Dubai, but being German, I am always a bit nostalgic about a brand manufactured in my home country. So therefore, I was more than pleasantly surprised […]

Ramadan Kareem Health & Cleaning Tips

Ramadan Kareem Cleaning Tips

Ramadan Kareem from 4Work Today’s Blog Article is about the traditional month of Ramadan! As a German retailer based in Dubai, UAE we experience and live the Ramadan tradition, too! Ramadan is a time-period to be efficient and to take the advantages of the opportunities for ibadat. We have a few tips & tricks to […]

4Work Fairmont Dubai Blogger Event

Mum’s review on our Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaner!

Demonstration at the Fairmont Dubai Blogger Reviews  After the successful blogger event at the scenery Fairmont Hotel in Dubai we have had eye-opening reactions from our reviewers.  The Event was held in May to introduce our Kobold product range to the Dubai community. We were able to showcase one of the oldest Vorwerk Kobold Vacuum cleaners […]

Asthma affects many Households in Dubai

World Asthma Day 2015

Asthma affecting the UAE Dust, sandstorms and an over reliance on air-conditioning in the summer – the Middle East has to be an asthma sufferer’s nightmare.  A whopping Dhs88 million is currently spent on asthma treatment annually in the UAE alone, and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 300 million people across the […]

How to eliminate allergens at Home

House Dust and Dust mites   Many years ago, scientists discovered that exposure to house dust was the cause of allergic symptoms for certain individuals. More recently, they found that most of the allergy caused by house dust was due to one of its components—the ever-present house dust mite. These arthropods are related to ticks and […]

We offer flexible Jobs for Dubai based mothers!


          Summer offer is on!! For those whose busy schedules get in the way of housework, the robot future is the solution. Vorwerk Kobold VR100 robot vacuum cleaner can make your life easier by giving you an automated hand with everyday jobs. It offer many features, such as automated recharging and wall […]


    Vorwerk Vacuum Vk150 Set 4 We always come up with new ideas how to keep our clients satisfied. We have now created one  Kobold VK150 set which cover everyone’s needs. Set 4 Features: Carpet/Matress/Deep Cleaning Unit, VacuMop, Hard Floor Vacuum Vacuum, Polsterboy & Accessories.  We also kept it simple for our clients by giving […]

Contact Us for Information about Jobs, Vacuum Cleaners & More!

Meet the team and enjoy our services

  We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy your domestic maintenance needs. Direct contact with our customers is at the heart of our business strategy. We strive to know our customer needs and expectations and we respond to them with our products and services. 4WORK customer relationships are long-term and […]


Have you downloaded your copy of “How To Have An Allergy Free Home” by 4work founder Gerlinde Krupp? It’s completely free and full of actionable tips to make sure that your home in the UAE is free from the allergens that plague us all here in the Middle East.   Just click the image below […]

The All in One Solution for Cleaner Homes in Dubai


 A world first, the SP530 hard floor cleaning attachment from Vorwerk Kobold is set to revolutionize the way you clean your home and eradicate the need for scrubbing floors on your hands and knees for good. Getting tiled and wooden floors thoroughly clean and gleaming is a laborious task – or so we thought. First you have […]

Chateaubriand on BBQ with Tarragon Sauce and Vegetables

Chateaubriand  is a traditional way of serving beef, made famous by Larousse Gastronomique. Chateaubriand technically only refers to the meat itself. Today, I have expanded the recipe to include some vegetables and tarragon sauce, which are traditional accompaniments. INGREDIENTS Chateaubraind 1 kg Filet (solid piece log shaped – not folded over) Salt and pepper Olive oil METHOD Sprinkle olive […]

Live Well With Vorwerk Kobold

We never really think about how our environment can affect our health – until we are plagued with sinusitis and colds. Today, 4WORK has a chat with the lovely Julia about how living well with a clean home is the key! Q1.    Julia, where are you originally from and what bought you to Dubai? I am from Moscow, in the Russian Federation. I originally came to Dubai because of my job in the travel […]

Dubai’s Good Living Expert: On The Perfect Wood Flooring

Gerlinde, the founder of 4WORK and Dubai’s “Good Living Expert,” would like to introduce you to Pauline, the Managing Director of Nordic Homeworx.   After living in the UAE and Middle East for many years, Swedish native Pauline turned a personal passion for wood flooring into a full-fledged business in 2006. Nordic Homeworx is a […]

The Vorwerk Kobold Lifestyle: What It’s Like To Work With Us!

Today, we would like to share with you what it’s like to work at 4WORK from the perspective of one of our staff members. Meet Nour! She is a mother of two gorgeous girls, four-year-old Zeena and seven-year-old Jana.  Nour has worked with the team at 4WORK since day one and loves her job. If you are a woman who wants a career with a product you believe in, with flexible […]

Dubai’s Good Living Expert: On How To Plan Your Home Renovation

Meet Gerlinde. Gerlinde the founder of 4WORK and Dubai’s ‘Good Living’ Expert. Today she share’s her account of planning and designing her own home. Is 2014 the year that you move forward on your interior design dreams? If so, then keep reading, you may just find the perfect inspiration for where to start! Q1: What prompted you to plan and design your […]


Today, 4WORK sits down with a creative and inspiring woman, mother, and artist, Margitta.  Margitta is a designer with a flair for all things artistic and stylish. We’ll be talking about living clean and living creatively.     Q1: Can you tell us about your life travels and what originally bought you to Dubai? I am from Germany […]

CEO, Gerlinde Krupp from 4Work Dubai

Women Money & Style Catches Up With 4work’s CEO Gerlinde

Dubai’s Women Money & Style catches up with 4work’s CEO Gerlinde to discuss fashion brand Anna Mora & Brunella in Dubai. ANNA MORA & BRUNELLA REAL WOMEN, REAL STYLE: MEET GERLINDE December 8, 2013 Welcome to our third  feature in the ‘Anna Mora & Brunella’s Real Women, Real Style Series’  Today, we’ll talk to the gracious Gerlinde, a beautiful woman and […]

Tips on having a healthier Dubai based environment


A Clean Environment For The Kids In Dubai As a mother, you need to make smart decisions about what’s important for your children’s well-being every day! Today we would like to introduce you to Mayssa, a wonderful woman who lives in Arabian Ranches in Dubai.We have a quick Q & A about all things lifestyle, […]

Vorwerk Cleaning Systems are a State of the Art Design


State of the Art Technology & Design for Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaners In this amazing piece of videography, talented Lisbon based film maker Angelo Silvah proves beyond a reasonable doubt that mundane household appliances can ooze sex appeal…. If you are having trouble convincing your husband that a Vorwerk Kobold cleaner system is the very best […]

Work With Us, Part Time Jobs available in Dubai


Do you want a job with flexibility, but don’t believe flexible part-time jobs exist for mums in Dubai? WMS has been networking, and we have discovered that there is indeed a perfect part-time job for mums in Dubai! Meet Gerlinde – WMS  sat down with Gerlinde and her gorgeous girls, Sofiyia and Callie to learn a little more about her business 4WORK, and discover why the ‘Vorwerk Kobold […]