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Keep Your Home Allergy Free


Join us at the Mother & Baby Club Spring Camp Market on the 18th of April at Time Square Dubai from 10 am- 6 am and get more information how you can keep your home healthy.


Great feedback from one of 4WORK’s clients!!!

“I am allergic to house dust and dust mites and this is the reason why I bought the Kobold Cleaning System. My colleagues have noticed a huge difference in the amount of sneezing I’ve been doing in the office. I used to be completely blocked until lunch time, but now I am nowhere near as bad. I have maybe a few sneezes in the morning, and the allergy symptoms are gone. I have noticed that my girls aren’t as ill, either. We haven’t been using our A/C for a while, and because of local construction, our house can get very dusty. However, their room is always fresh”








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