How to Confidently Clean Any Type of Carpet

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My little one-year-old angel is in one of her awake, cute, and playful moods, crawling between daddy and I on our white fluffy living room carpet. Exchanging a moment of loving glances, we discover that she has managed to shake out the remaining cheerios (and all the cheerio dust at the bottom of the box) on the carpet.

Without even flinching, we know it is okay because we have the best vacuum cleaning system to clear this mess up completely — the Vorwerk Kobold. Every time we play with our baby, we know that we are all playing on a clean carpet that will not affect our health.

This guide will help you in keeping your carpets looking their best for longer, adding that ‘always-clean and fresh comfort’ to your home.


In this guide:

  1. The essentials
  2. Wool Rugs
  3. Cotton Rugs
  4. Natural Fiber Rugs
  5. Shag Pile Rugs
  6. Oriental & Middle Eastern Rugs

1. First, the essentials for every carpet:

  1. Try to minimize the dirt that gets into any carpet by placing doormats at the entrances and cleaning the mats regularly
  2. Treat spots immediately by blotting and absorbing (not rubbing)
  3. Vacuum regularly. The more dirt builds up, the harder it is to remove. Depending on the type of carpet (see below), you will need to use a vacuum that has very good brushes and a “beating” function. Another important issue is the speed of rotation of the brushes. This should be variable and depends on the fabric of the carpet. Silk and very delicate Persian rugs need to be cleaned efficiently but carefully in order not to get damaged. The Vorwerk Kobold VK150 is designed to clean all carpet types without damage to fabric/pile.
  4. Deep/dry clean carpets & rugs every 6-12 months (depending on where the rug/carpet is located), this can be done either by a professional cleaning company or using an at-home carpet dry cleaning system such as the Vorwerk Kobold VK150.

wool rug2. Wool Rugs

There’s nothing quite like the softness and warmth of a wool rug. Wool is naturally stain-resistant, so is easy to maintain. Also, because wool is a durable fiber, it springs back and is therefore good for high traffic areas.


Use a vacuum with a beater bar and vacuum regularly. The Vorwerk Kobold EB370 Carpet Brush is made specifically for cleaning carpets. The speed of the brushes is easily adjustable. Also, removal of the brushes makes them very easy to clean, as opposed to putting dirt back into your carpet with each use of the system.

Wool rugs often shed fibers in the first few months of use so it is recommended to give them a more powerful clean. The VK150 cleaning strength is adjustable and so can accommodate more rigorous cleaning as required.

When deep/dry cleaning, never saturate the rug with water or cleaning solvents. Using water for deep cleaning will only “push” the dirt further into the rug fibers instead of removing it. And slowly but surely your carpet will get a “greyish” look and the vibrant colours will be lost. And if the dirt (especially sand) doesn’t get removed regularly it will damage the fibers when being walked on it.

If dry cleaning at home, we recommend to use the Vorwerk Kobold VK150 cleaning system that uses eco friendly and safe dry cleaning powders instead of water.

melange-flatweave-cotton-rug-midnight-c3. Cotton Rugs

Cotton rugs are typically inexpensive and exceptionally comfortable. A cotton rug is a great and easy way to change the look and feel of any space.


In addition to regular vacuum cleaning with carpet brushes, it is recommended to wash these carpets once every 12-18 months.

Smaller cotton carpets can be machine-washed. Larger ones can be washed in industrial size washers. Another option is to have them professionally dry-cleaned or alternatively, you can save money by dry cleaning them at home with the Vorwerk Kobold VK150.

A further bit of advice is to avoid placing cotton rugs in direct sunlight, this helps to prevent fading over time.

jarvis-teal-blue-jute-blend-rug4. Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are perfect for bringing an ‘organic look’ and neutral texture to any setting.


Natural fibers are quite absorbent and can shrink and expand with changes in humidity. Keep them indoors, out of sunlight and rotate area rugs regularly for even wear. It is good to have a rug pad underneath the rug as these can extend the life of the rug.

Warning: do not use latex rug backings with uncured hardwood floor finishes, as these inhibit ventilation to the floor and can potential damage the finish of the wood.

Vacuum natural fiber rugs regularly without the rotating brushes/beater bar installed in the cleaner. With the VK150 you can simply “switch off the brushes” and continue vacuuming with the minimum of hassle.

In addition to vacuuming, these rugs require dry cleaning every 12 – 18 months. Do not clean natural fiber rugs with water or by steaming – they will be stained permanently. Again, the Vorwerk Kobold at-home dry cleaning functionality works wonderfully on natural fiber rugs.


5. Shag Pile Rugs

These big fluffy shag rugs are the ultimate in comfort. However, any owner knows that they swallow any small items dropped onto them and similarly trap dirt like no other rug.

Care: The right vacuum cleaner is important for a shag rug. It needs to be gentle to not pull out the fibers (or must have a ‘delicate’ setting), yet it must also have a powerful motor to remove all dirt and allergens housed deeply within the pile. Do not use brushes on these carpets. The vacuum cleaner used should have a HEPA filter to stop the dirt from escaping the vacuum and spreading into the air and finally resettling into the rug. Lastly, it is helpful if the vacuum is lightweight and can be easily moved on the carpet as it can otherwise keep getting stuck and make cleaning a struggle.

The Vorwerk Kobold VK150 is designed with all of these issues in mind.
Vacuum the underside of shag pile rugs once a month. We also recommend beating then hanging your shag rug outdoors for a couple of hours in the sun periodically to kill bacteria (every couple of months).

You can dry shampoo or dry clean shag rugs. We recommend doing this once every 12 – 18 months.

oriental6. Oriental and Middle Eastern Rugs

These exquisite and valuable rugs make a beautiful decoration in any home. As they are very delicate, they can be difficult to properly clean without damaging the delicate fibers.


Vacuum these rugs regularly and spot clean as needed. Different spot clean solutions can be used depending on the type of the stain (see here for further information). Never saturate oriental rugs or hang to dry as there is risk of the colours running.

It can be tempting to avoid deep cleaning an oriental rug for fear of damaging it, but leaving dirt in the fibers of the rug is just as harmful over time as these particles become ground in and break down the material.

This is where the Vorwerk Kobold VK150 particularly shines. When vacuuming and dry cleaning, it has a soft mode that is able to clean deep in the fibers without damaging even the most delicate silk rug.

Additionally, the dry cleaning powder used with the Vorwerk Kobold VK150 is non toxic, eco friendly and not harmful to any rug type. Dry cleaning brings no risk of running colours, breaking down of fibers, or damage by steam, heat, or water.

With the Vorwerk Kobold VK150, even the most delicate rug can be gently, thoroughly, and quickly cleaned at home.


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