Get your free VC100 Handheld

843086_475301782524624_535136055_oWould you like to have one of our stylish and powerful VC100 Handheld as a gift? Then simply arrange a Vorwerk Kobold Party with 2-3 friends to introduce our Vorwerk Upright VK150. The moment one of your friends signs a contract – the Handheld is yours!!!

Call us today on 04-880 0268 to arrange a VK Party Day!!!






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  1. Kenti says:

    I feel you on that. Funny thing is when I was a kid, it was quite easy to write. In fact, I had practically no itrenest in anything but reading and writing but as the years have passed and life has gotten in the way, it’s become a tad difficult to focus on writing and I can barely get any reading in there as well. I wrote an entry about this sometime last year I think. With this personal challenge, I’m hoping to keep myself going permanently.

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