Meet our Founder and Managing Director, Gerlinde Krupp


Gerlinde Krupp and her adorable daughter

Gerlinde Krupp and her adorable daughter

“The Vorwerk Kobold is better than any vacuum cleaner! As a busy mom, I want this system to help others as it has helped me, to not only save time and energy, but also to have a clean and beautiful home” – Gerlinde Krupp, Founder and CEO of 4Work Trading LLC, official distributor of Vorwerk Kobold in the GCC.

Like many of us in the UAE, Gerlinde balances a busy schedule! She is the mother of two, a wife, a pet owner, and a business owner. We all want a clean fresh and enjoyable living environment, but we do not usually have a lot of time to dedicate to cleaning. Gerlinde learned that with the Vorwerk Kobold, she could have that “new home” clean every time, quickly and with ease…


Q: How and when did you get your first Vorwerk Kobold cleaning system?

A: That was a long time ago… I think I was about 27 or so, and my next-door-neighbour sold them. He came over and showed me what came out of my carpet and I was absolutely shocked! So, I bought the pull behind one (the Tiger) and I am very happy with it. It is still running after over 20 years!

When we moved to the Green Community in Dubai, we installed a lovely open grained wooden floor. When I asked the lady how to clean it, she said that I needed to be very careful with the water and to only use a manual floor mop and I said “oh my god!!” A week or so later, we flew to Germany for a trip. When I went to get some filter bags for my Vorwerk Kobold, there it was: the VacuMop, the attachment that vacuums and mops at the same time! So, I bought it and brought it back. It did just an amazing job on my floor. I was supposed to get the floor maintained once a year, but I didn’t do this for over three years, but didn’t need to because of this wonderful system! From the handheld, or the robotic vacuum cleaner, to the VK150 with vacuum and mop in one, Vorwerk Kobold is always German technology at its best.

Q: Why are you a true believer in the Vorwerk Kobold?

A: It is a machine that does what it should do – clean! It cleans everything. It is also so easy to use. It is easy and intuitive to change attachments.

The VacuMop that vacuums and mops at the same time makes things so fast, especially for larger homes. Even in 20 hours of cleaning with a normal broom and mop, it will never be as clean as with that attachment in no time at all. It saves a lot of water, detergent and time.

Gerlinde has been in Dubai, the UAE for over 10 years. She met her husband on the first day, and has adopted her two beautiful girls a few years later. She enjoys the flexibility that having her own company gives her to look after her children. In addition to serving Vorwerk Kobold clients and spending time with her children, she enjoys the UAE sunshine, having picnics, camping, and being outdoors.

A Day in the Life of Gerlinde Krupp:

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