Easter Cleaning Tips

Even after the heavy rain on International Women’s Day rain dubaiyesterday, the showers still haven’t stopped in the UAE. Many roads have been shut down and Dubai is now on standby, forcing many expats to stay in their Home.
This gives a great opportunity to take some more time (and care) for your household. Many of you might have Guests coming to visit over the Easter Holidays and of course we want our Home to look spotless and neat during this festive season.

We have therefore provided you with a perfect Cleaning Calendar for the rainy month of March, when Sand turns into Mud and easily gets carried into many UAE Households.

For many of us with Children or Pets therefore have more dirt to eliminate at home. With the use of the VK 150 and the Vacumop attachment this should be no problem at all. The SP530 (Vacumop) simultaneously vacuums and mops all hard floor surfaces including ceramic tiles and parquet.. Our customers were able to test our vacuum cleaner (with its many attachments!) in every possible circumstances…


Trusted and Loved by our customers:

The machines have proven to be extremely effective and reliable. They’re powerful enough to thoroughly clean even deep-pile carpet, yet light and manageable enough to reach high, inaccessible corners. They’re extremely durable but when parts do need replacing it’s good to know that I can order them easily online, along with our day-to-day consumables.” –Stella Bradbrook











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    In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

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