Cleaning fast for company during the holidays


The Christmas holidays are a busy time. Baking, shopping, wrapping… so, it can be hard to find time to clean and prepare our home for our visitors. We are here to help! With these tips, we guarantee that your home will go from messy to marvelous before the ring of the doorbell.


The trick is to follow a pattern, moving quickly from room to room. Work your way from top to bottom, in the same direction (we suggest clockwise) each time. This way, you will get it done fast without missing anything. It will also reduce the chance for distractions.

1. Remove clutter


Removing clutter is the first and most important step in making your space look great. To create free counter and table space (as well as to clear some extra shelf space for decorations), have a basket for each room. You can pile all of the clutter in that quickly, while keeping items easy to re-place after the holiday season. Baskets also afford attractive ways to store things that otherwise create clutter, such as magazines, toys, books, and so forth. Use this step to also place the remaining items on surfaces in an attractive way.


Use this step to start your dishwasher and throw in a load of laundry.

2. Dust counters and tables

While an obvious step, nothing is more off putting to guests than a noticeable glaze of dust when you put down your glass or check out the contents of the book shelf. For the Vorwerk Kobold owners out there, use the Soft Duster attachment. This gently dusts around objects and in crevices without the need to pick up each item as you go. Also, it works great on plants!

3. Vacuum furniture

For sprucing up your upholstery, the Kobold PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush is just the ticket: Unique cleaning that is both thorough and simultaneously gentle on the fabric, even in extremely difficult to reach spots.

Combine the PB440 with the Lavenia dry cleaning agent to deep spot clean any necessary areas.

pb440vacumop4. Vacuum and mop hard floors

The Vorwerk Kobold SP530 VacuMop attachment is a lifesaver! Save half the time by vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Perfect for delicate floors, it provides a thorough yet gentle clean.

For rooms that don’t need mopping or contain carpets/rugs, use the EB400 Automatic Brush. This smart attachment automatically and quickly adjusts to the floor type. Go from carpet to hard flooring and back to carpet without changing the attachment. The Automatic Brush will take care of the rest, providing the right level of suction and brushes to best clean carpets and flooring.

5. On to the next room!

Take your convenient accessory bag with all the attachments with you and start in the next room.


Vorwerk Kobold attachments are designed to not slow you down. They can be changed easily and quickly and offer a superior hygienic clean with only one pass.

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