Clean is Calm: How to De-Clutter Your Life and Reduce Stress

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Today was one of those days. You know, the racing from moment to moment, unexpected challenges, crying kids, and everyone asking more of you than you have to give kind of day? Well, that was today.

The kids are asleep and my husband is watching TV. Finally, my thirty minutes of yoga: my time to unwind, to breath deeply, and recover from the whirlwind of a day. The “Sleep-Better” Yoga routine by Two Fit Moms really gives me the refreshing boost I need in my busy day. But then I had a thought…

I lie down on my mat on my bedroom floor, sit down, and start with some breathing meditation.

Eyes closed, straight back, breath in….

I am calm, breath out…

“I wonder if there is laundry to be done.” I think to myself as my eyes open to spot a bundled sock against the wall. Stay focused, breath in…

“Where has the other sock gone? Maybe behind the cabinet with the open drawer filled with notes that I need to sort.” Must stay focused, breath out…

“Before I sort these, I’m going to need to clear off the desk. My little girl has been doing her colouring in here today and it’s a mess.” Focus focus focus, calm calm calm, breath out…


This struggle continues until I realize, “my room is so messy and I am so stressed. My home is not the place of calm that I need.” The truth of the matter is that excessive clutter is often a symptom and cause of stress. It’s hard to relax when things are just so overwhelming!

Try these small steps to de-cluttering your home and mind:


1. Clean up after yourself as you go.81jnKRYrviL._SL1500_

  • Put things away once you use them and clean things that need to be cleaned. For example, dishes are immediately cleaned after dinner or put into the dishwasher.
  • When dealing with small messes, the Vorwerk Kobold handheld vacuum is a quick solution. It is a powerful and portable cleaner that can be grabbed and used quickly.

2. Give yourself time to tidy.

  • Build “cleaning up time” into playtime. When your child is done colouring, clean up with them before they can run off to the next activity.
  • Same for you: Small things like making your bed before you go can make a difference in how you feel when you return to that space.

3.Invest in timesaving, smart solutions.

  • Vorwerk Kobold products are designed to make cleaning efficient and stress free.
  • The VORWERK KOBOLD ROBOT cleans floors automatically so YOU don’t have to. Program it and it will do its thing. It even returns to its charging dock on its own, so you can put it out of mind.
  • The VORWERK KOBOLD UPRIGHT CLEANER is the most advanced all-in-one cleaning system. Whereas other brands require you to own multiple expensive (and large) systems, this sleek cleaner is light, compact, and gives everything in your home a deep and beautiful clean.VR200 Robot

4. De-clutter! Get rid of what you don’t need.

  • Do you have things that take up space but you never use? Everything you own should be functional and bring joy to your life. If it doesn’t, then it’s definitely time to downsize.

5. Do less in your day.

  • Feeling overwhelmed. That could be because you are simply overwhelmed! Consider what you can let go of and try to do less. Your happiness is worth it.



Find your peace of mind.

Clean well, live well.


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