Clean Freaks: Invisible Dirt

What is invisible dirt and how can it be eliminated?

Invisible dirt can mostly be found in sand ridden busy homes across the UAE. 1

A household with closed windows and air-conditioning the perfect environment for dust-mites, sand and allergens to settle.
What many people don’t realise, especially in Dubai, is that allergies and asthma are often triggered by allergens in furniture, carpets and especially mattresses.

The unique Roller Brushes of the Carpet Brush 370 are powered by a separate motor, allowing for a deep, thorough clean. The unique brushes are very handy to clean microscopic sand and dust particles out of mattresses, rugs and carpets. The biggest ‘invisible’ troublemakers however, are dust mites. Dust mites are related to ticks and spiders. They tend to collect in materials made of organic fibers (and feathers), including mattresses, pillows, comforters, carpets, stuffed furniture and drapery. Dust mites are probably the biggest cause of allergy reaction around the world; we spend 1/3 of our time sleeping where the highest concentration of dust mites can be found………. in our beds.Allergies affecting Children

It is necessary to use a suitable cleaner like the VK150 and EB 370 to remove these pests from your mattress, sofas, rugs and carpets. The video below shows how easy it is to do this. The Kobold 150’s premium filter bag combines 3 layers of filtration and captures 99.99% of ‘allergic reaction’ causing substances. The Kobold VK150 and its filtration system have been accredited as “suitable for allergy sufferers” and the premium filter bag is the world’s only TÜV-tested vacuum cleaner bag. This all serves to help make the air in your home cleaner and allergy-free.








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