Clean Freak: Visible Dirt

4Work Vacuum Cleaners are made in Germany qualityLast week we looked at microscopic invisible dirt which we cannot see and which can have a negative health impact on our family and ourselves during our everyday activities i.e. eating or sleeping.
This week we will look at the more obvious visible dirt that most of us know and can see.

Cleaning your house takes up many hours and a lot of hard work. The Vorwerk cleaning system however can help you to get rid of this visible dirt efficiently and faster than any other ‘off the shelf’ vacuum cleaner.

Dirt from the garden and especially sand, rapidly gets blown or carried into the house by children or pets and spreads very quickly. A great combination for deep cleaning this visible dirt on your hard floors is the Kobold VK150 and SP530.. With this combination you can vacuum and mop tiles or parquet at the same thereby saving a lot of time and work!

Also with the help of special cloths and Koboclean detergent you can be sure that your parquet flooring is maintained in a beautiful condition, no matter how much dirt your loved ones bring into the house!SP520_equipment_72dpi For dust that has been accumulating on shelves, in corners or on electrical appliances, the Kobold provides numerous attachments to easily reach from shelf to shelf, get into those ‘hard to reach areas’ and gently but effectively clean away dust within seconds. This includes the Flexo-Attachment which can also be used in your car, the crevice tool to reach behind furniture and the very popular ballerina which moves along your wall and any edge or corner.

If you want to see the system with all the attachments in action, then please call us on 04-513 4689 or email for a FREE and eye-opening demonstration by our professional team.

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