Asthma affects many Households in Dubai

World Asthma Day 2015

Asthma affecting the UAE

The HEPA filter absorbs every part of dust and micro particles

Dust, sandstorms and an over reliance on air-conditioning in the summer – the Middle East has to be an asthma sufferer’s nightmare.  A whopping Dhs88 million is currently spent on asthma treatment annually in the UAE alone, and according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 300 million people across the globe have the chronic disease.The 3 layered HEPA filter absorbs every kind of dust and micro particles.

Head of Emirates Respiratory Authority, Dr Bassam Mahboub, says more than 15 per cent of the UAE population suffer from the condition – with more children affected than adults.


Dr Bassam explains: “Most importantly, for sufferers, the indoor triggers can be avoided. The number one trigger at home is dust mites – they live in carpets, drapes, blankets, even the cells of skin. We recommend staying away from decorative fabrics that can house the dust mites; curtains, carpets, blankets. It’s also important to regularly change sheets and blankets – even the curtains”.


Also people without allergies should reduce the particulate matter as much as possible. These tiny dust particles are suspected to cause or increase health problems including asthma or cardio vascular sickness.

Allergy sufferers should definitely consider if their vacuum cleaner is able to decrease or eliminate allergy-causing particles. Only vacuum cleaners with a special filter-system and HEPA-filter are able to suck in these thin dust particles.
You can rely on our Vorwerk Vacuum Cleaners; the filter system of the Kobold VK150 Uphold cleans your home efficiently holding back any type of Micro dust particles. Vorwerk vacuum cleaners filter the out coming air from any dust, fine dust, pollen, mites and other micro particles. The filter system of the Vorwerk Vacuum cleaner works so efficiently that the produced air is a thousand times cleaner than the air that has been sucked in. That makes the out coming air as clean as the air in an operating room. That’s why the Vorwerk vacuum cleaners have received the TÜV certificate “Convenient for allergy sufferers”.


How to eliminate allergens at Home

House Dust and Dust mites  

Many years ago, scientists discovered that exposure to house dust was the cause of allergic symptoms for certain individuals. More recently, they found that most of the allergy caused by house dust was due to one of its components—the ever-present house dust mite.

These arthropods are related to ticks and spiders, are microscopic and can be found in any house. They tend to collect in materials made of cotton-like fibers (and feather), including mattresses, pillows, comforters, carpets, stuffed furniture and drapery.Dust mites are probably the most important cause of allergy around the world; you spend 1/3 of your time sleeping where the highest concentration of dust mites is found, in your bed.

Use a vacuum cleaner with either a double-layered micro filter bag or a HEPA filter to trap allergens that pass through a vacuum’s exhaust. The Kobold includes a filter bag consisting of 3 filtration layers to capture 99,99% of allergy causing substances. This filter bag has been accredited as ‘suitable for allergy suffers’. Additionally washing your bed sheets once a week in hot water (at least 55 – 60C) to kill dust mites.

Suffering from Pets

Pet allergies are a common problem for children and adults, and they can make life miserable for those who are susceptible to the condition.Animal hair and dander, the dead skin cells that pets shed regularly usually trigger pet allergies.

Simple home remedies and lifestyle changes can go a long way toward keeping pet allergies at bay. These include regular cleaning of the home, upholsteries, carpets and bedding. It is necessary to take animal hair out of carpet by either brushing them out or using efficient vacuum cleaners.

Seasonal Allergies

Springtime increases the amount of pollens flying around the air, especially on sunny and windy days pollens spread easily and extensively. Avoid outdoor activity in the early morning when pollen counts are highest. Further try to remove clothes you’ve worn outside; you may also want to shower to rinse pollen from your skin and hair. Avoid hanging your laundry outside since pollen can stick to sheets and towels.

If possible use a portable high-efficiency particulate air filter in your bedroom and further clean floors often with a vacuum cleaner that has an air-cleaning filter. For example, the produced air from vacuuming with a Kobold is up to 1000 times cleaner than normal room air.

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With specially adapted rotating brushes, the Vorwerk Kobold VR100 effectively removes dirt, dust and pet hair from carpets, hard floors, in and around corners and even underneath furniture. Cleaning has never been so easy: the Kobold VR100 has an easy to program schedule so you can set it to clean when you’re not at home. It also has a spot cleaning mode. Intelligent navigation, powerful suction and efficient battery technology – these are some of the excellent attributes of the Vorwerk Kobold VR100 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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Janelle Malone’s Review About Vorwerk Kobold VK150:

I absolutely love the feeling of clean floors under my toes in our villa since investing in the Kobold complete system. I have a real phobia about walking barefoot on tiled floors and I hated the dusty feeling I used to get between my toes. I’m pleased to say our tiled floors are now squeaky clean everywhere quicker than ever before. No more sweeping then mopping-the Kobold does it all quickly and effortlessly.



















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“I am allergic to house dust and dust mites and this is the reason why I bought the Kobold Cleaning System. My colleagues have noticed a huge difference in the amount of sneezing I’ve been doing in the office. I used to be completely blocked until lunch time, but now I am nowhere near as bad. I have maybe a few sneezes in the morning, and the allergy symptoms are gone. I have noticed that my girls aren’t as ill, either. We haven’t been using our A/C for a while, and because of local construction, our house can get very dusty. However, their room is always fresh”









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 A world first, the SP530 hard floor cleaning attachment from Vorwerk Kobold is set to revolutionize the way you clean your home and eradicate the need for scrubbing floors on your hands and knees for good.

Getting tiled and wooden floors thoroughly clean and gleaming is a laborious task – or so we thought. First you have to use a broom, dustpan and brush or vacuum cleaner to remove all the loose dirt, and then – with a heavy bucket of water, dirty mop and dripping wet, wrinkly hands – you scrub the floor to remove all stubborn grime and marks.1233056_513300572077322_1049251431_oBut now, it’s time for change. Launching to GCC consumers for the very first time, the SP530 is suitable for use with the brand new VK150 vacuum. It simply attaches onto the main machine and allows you to vacuum up loose dirt and mop all stubborn stains on hard floors all in one go – reducing cleaning time by up to 50%.885264_540249996049046_2042057476_oFeaturing gentle microfiber cleaning cloths that rotate 1,350 times per minute for ultimate cleaning action, the SP530 is suitable for even the most sensitive of hard floors, including wood and laminate, and even the toughest of stains will be no match for its supreme cleaning prowess.

Requiring just a cupful of water and a thimbleful of detergent per room, the SP530 will leave floors shining and will get in those hard-to-reach places under furniture and into corners thanks to the vacuum’s universal swivel joint.1264753_509323349141711_731929445_oSpend less time cleaning and have more valuable time to spend however you please with this unique attachment. Visit our 4WORK showroom in The Green Community or contact us for a demonstration in your home and prepare to be amazed by the SP530 in action. sl4With a simple change of the  vacuum attachment and you then have the VK150 with a telescopic handle that you can adjust toyour desired height so you can vacuum around your home with an ergonomically, back-friendly posture.  The main power switch is conveniently located on the handle grip, right where you want it. When you finish vacuum cleaning the telescopic handle slides right down to make the Kobold easy to store, even in a small closet.    891934_536241183116594_982486656_o

Universal Swivel Joint Turning corners since 1984. The Universal Swivel Joint of the Kobold 150 lets you vacuum around corners with ease and speeds up the time you spend vacuum cleaning. Effortlessly vacuum under furniture.  1291896_516332198440826_1291440287_o


Live Well With Vorwerk Kobold

We never really think about how our environment can affect our health – until we are plagued with sinusitis and colds. Today, 4WORK has a chat with the lovely Julia about how living well with a clean home is the key!


Q1.    Julia, where are you originally from and what bought you to Dubai?

I am from Moscow, in the Russian Federation. I originally came to Dubai because of my job in the travel industry, but quickly saw other better opportunities.

C15R0746Q2.    How did you come across the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System?

I was introduced to the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning system by a friend, and was astounded at the depth of cleaning demonstrated in what I presumed was my spotless home.

C15R0748Q3.    Can you tell us about your home? How would you describe your lifestyle?

Our home is a modest 2-bedroom town house in Emirates Springs, but it is very well-designed, with little or no wasted space. Our lifestyle is centered on work and our home, so having a home which is both comfortable and stylish gives us great pleasure, whether entertaining or spending a quiet evening or weekend with just the two of us.

C15R0739Q4.    How important is it to have a clean home? 

We live in a hot, humid country, and unless one’s home is clean, it is inevitable that one shares it with numerous unwelcome insects. Likewise, guests appreciate a clean home.

C15R0754Q5.    What is your definition of wellness?

Allowing and training one’s body to function in a way to maximize pleasurable activity, and paying equal attention to one’s mind. We should challenge it but avoid negativity and harmful stress.

C15R0753Q6.    What is your advice to other women who want to live clean and live well?

To live clean and to live well are really inseparable goals. Each promotes the other and neither is really possible without the other.

C15R0734Q7. What challenges do you think women face keeping their homes clean in Dubai?

Insects, blowing sand, mould caused by humidity, and rodent infestations. A constant state of alertness is required.

C15R0757Q8. Why do you love the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System?

Ease and absolute performance. I cannot imagine and certainly have never encountered any other system delivering such a powerful combination.

Do Julia’s words about her lifestyle sound similar to yours? If so, give 4WORK a call today to learn how you can make your home spotless!