Rain, Dogs and a Clean Home – Are Dogs Paws Dirtier Than Shoes?


How Dirty Is a Doglover’s Home?

No one wants to see muddy paws on their floors, let alone think about what kind of germs are tracked indoors on a dog’s paws!

This year, North Carolina University published research asserting that homes with dogs have a greater number of bacteria and greater variety of bacteria than households without dogs. While the findings were far from “revolutionary,” it was interesting to learn that pillowcases and TV screens had the most detectable dog-related microbes.

Certain classes of microbes dogs brought in have been known to cause gingivitis and pneumonia, researchers said, but other types may be beneficial to humans as long as “we keep a good hygienic environment.” For instance, veterinarian Andy Roark of Greenville, South Carolina told NBC News, “Research has actually shown that mothers who live with dogs while pregnant are less likely to have children with conditions like atopic dermatitis or to develop allergies.”


Also, keep in mind that your shoes are probably filthier than a dog’s paws any day of the week. An ABC News study ranked dog paws #5 and #9 out of 10 “dirtiest feet.” Researchers found that, not only did dogs step in fewer different places than people, but rain water often rinsed the dogs’ paws off. Also, the surface area of dog paws is smaller than what our feet typically contact.

dog germs

Dog paws can carry all sorts of germs, including e Coli and MRSA, but they can also bring beneficial bacteria into the home — so don’t stress too much!
Image Source: BeWellLiveLong.Wordpress.com

How Can We Keep Our Home Sanitary, Despite Owning Dogs?

To keep germs out of the home, the news outlet recommends taking your shoes off at the door, carrying them to the closet, and then washing your hands. Footwear should be sanitized — inside and out — regularly, as well. But what about dogs? How do we keep them fr0m tracking in fecal matter and all sorts of other microbes into the home?

There are a few different dog paw products to consider:

– PAWtizer: This pet spray also comes in wipe format and uses Benzalkonium chloride (which is used in many hand sanitizers) to quickly prevent transmission of dangerous germs, without over-drying the paws.

– Earth Bath Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes: This grooming product can be used on your pet’s paws or coat to remove dirt, odor, and toxins. They are not specially formulated to kill bacteria, fungus, and microbes, but you can wipe away most of what’s coming in at least.

– Disinfecting Paw Mats: Canines and human guests alike can have their feet disinfected with antimicrobial mats.

– Paw Plunger: Put any type of soap and water into the Paw Plunger for a thorough cleansing at the door.

– Pawz Dog Boots: If your dog will tolerate it, you may try dog boots. Most dogs will kick these off in a fit of joy as soon as they get outside, but you may be able to get your dog used to the idea of wearing them so you can say “goodbye” to filthy paws once and for all.

dog paw wipes

Fido not be thrilled about the new lay of the land, but at least you will have peace of mind knowing that you’re running a more sanitary home.
Image Source: ZimFamilyCockers.com

The Bottom Line On Keeping a Sanitary Home:

The trickiest part of the equation may be teaching your dog to sit and give paw at the door. It’s easier starting with a puppy, but any dog can learn that good, patient behavior leads to delicious treats! Having supplies (along with a good absorbent floor mat) handy at the door and using your body to block the dog’s quick entry into the home can go a long way. You can never get rid of ALL the germs that weasel their way into your home, but at least you can keep the house sanitary enough to make your family comfortable and limit the spread of harmful bacteria. For the people in your home, don’t forget about the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer, which will keep their “paws” free from microbes lurking in the shoes.

Bagless vs. Filter Bag – What is better?

Vacuum cleaners without dust bags – a good alternative or just show?

Two additional filter systems are available on the market. But what are their strengths and weaknesses?

The filter bag is full yet again. When buying new ones you might wonder whether a vacuum cleaner without filter bags might be an alternative for you. Two additional filter systems, which are integrated in the cyclone vacuum cleaner and the water vacuum cleaner, are available on the market. But are they really that much cheaper? Are they easier to handle? And do they clean the air just as reliably as a vacuum cleaner with filter bags? We will clarify. 

It is  very important to use a vacuum cleaner, that not only cleans effectively, , but also reliably retains fine dust, micro-particles and allergens. But which one of the three filter systems is best – a water vacuum cleaner without  a filter bag, a cyclone vacuum cleaner, or after all the conventional vacuum cleaner with a filter bag?


A water vacuum cleaner directs the absorbed air through water in its trunk. Here, only a portion of the dust and dirt are bound, the rest of the spent air is filtered for residues. The filter should be changed regularly. As germs can quickly spread in the water, the water container must be emptied and cleaned each time it is used, to avoid formation of dangerous mould.


An air vortex removes dust and other particles from the spent air in several steps. This method is called Multi-cyclone–technique. A further filter retains the allergens. But the vacuum cleaner without filter bag can release these again, when the dust container is emptied. Tip: empty the vacuumed deposits directly into a  dust bin! 


Compared to the water vacuum cleaner and the cyclone vacuum cleaner, the conventional vacuum cleaner has the advantage that absorbed dust lands securely in the  filter bag. If the  filter bag is sealable, allergens cannot get out, even whilst the bags are being disposed of. Using the TÜV- certified premium filter, developed for the vacuum cleaner model Kobold VK140/150 by Vorwerk, the spent air is 1000 times cleaner than before vacuuming. Thanks to this clinically clean result, it is officially “suitable for allergy sufferers“!


Vacuum cleaners without dust bags tempt one into assuming, that the follow-up costs will be less than with a conventional vacuum cleaner with filter bags. But it is worth recalculating, because even filter-bag-free vacuum cleaners need filters, which need to be changed on a regular basis. The water vacuum cleaner needs refilling too. The premium filter bag by Vorwerk, with three integrated filters and active scent-pearls against unpleasant odours, saves a lot of money opposed to using single filters, and furthermore it retains allergens and pollutants reliably.

How far can you reach with your vacuum cleaner? A few tips for the ideal reach of action from our editorial department.

A vacuum cleaner should be resilient and durable. Kobold shows you how to recognize the signs of a good quality vacuum cleaner


The original Kobold Filter Bags









A healthy back: The 4 best tips for housework

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 3.24.31 PM

A wrong, jerky movement – lumbago or a slipped disc can put you out of action. Back problems  have become an everyday matter for so many people. A lack of exercise and back training or an incorrect posture whilst doing the housework can weaken your spine permanently. Improve your ergonomics with the following 4 simple and efficient tips for everyday life!

Reaching out and stretching to clean the windows, sliding around the floor scrubbing the tiles, or catching that dust in the corner whilst vacuum cleaning: daily housework requires a high degree of mobility. You can protect yourself against a slipped disc or lumbago by training your back. When your back muscles are not strong enough, all movements should be ergonomic when performing the housework. By bending down or twisting carelessly, you can strain your back and risk further  problems.


Bending down and carrying heavy objects are bad for the spine – it can cause  problems in the lower back. But if you consider the following tips, then picking up a heavy bucket of  water or reaching nooks & crannies will no longer be a problem.

1. Picking up things from the floor or cleaning corners: Always get on your knees! When cleaning on your knees, always position your feet first, place one hand on your front leg, keep your back straight and bend your knees instead of your spine in order to reach lower down.

2. Carrying heavy objects – for example beverage crates or cleaning buckets: Lifting objects properly is the most important thing here: stand close to the object, lower yourself down using your knees, bend forward with a straight back in an upright posture and move your bottom backwards. Pull in your belly button (in the direction of your spine), tense your pelvic floor muscles, then straighten your knees and lift the object. Carry the item  with a straight posture, close to your body and at pelvic height. Avoid making a hollow back. Do not initiate changes in any direction jerkily with your torso, but with the whole body by repositioning your feet.

3. Using household appliances: be mindful of ergonomics: Not every household appliance is easy on your back. Vacuum cleaners like the Kobold VK200 upright vacuum cleaner are easy to use with a straight back, due to their telescopic pole and control switch at grip-height.


The Kobold VK200 Vacuum Cleaner





4. Clean surfaces properly: if possible, adjust kitchen worktops to your height! When cleaning surfaces, not only is standing upright important, but also the positioning of your feet. You can protect your back by standing in front of a piece of furniture and cleaning this in small movements, without bending to the left or right.

Pay attention: sometimes back pain can actually be kidney pain. The kidneys lie behind the spine, on the right and left hand side of your torso. An important distinguishing feature is,  kidney pain is not affected by body movements,  it occurs from time to time and can have a dull feeling.


Cleaning fast for company during the holidays


The Christmas holidays are a busy time. Baking, shopping, wrapping… so, it can be hard to find time to clean and prepare our home for our visitors. We are here to help! With these tips, we guarantee that your home will go from messy to marvelous before the ring of the doorbell.


The trick is to follow a pattern, moving quickly from room to room. Work your way from top to bottom, in the same direction (we suggest clockwise) each time. This way, you will get it done fast without missing anything. It will also reduce the chance for distractions.

1. Remove clutter


Removing clutter is the first and most important step in making your space look great. To create free counter and table space (as well as to clear some extra shelf space for decorations), have a basket for each room. You can pile all of the clutter in that quickly, while keeping items easy to re-place after the holiday season. Baskets also afford attractive ways to store things that otherwise create clutter, such as magazines, toys, books, and so forth. Use this step to also place the remaining items on surfaces in an attractive way.


Use this step to start your dishwasher and throw in a load of laundry.

2. Dust counters and tables

While an obvious step, nothing is more off putting to guests than a noticeable glaze of dust when you put down your glass or check out the contents of the book shelf. For the Vorwerk Kobold owners out there, use the Soft Duster attachment. This gently dusts around objects and in crevices without the need to pick up each item as you go. Also, it works great on plants!

3. Vacuum furniture

For sprucing up your upholstery, the Kobold PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush is just the ticket: Unique cleaning that is both thorough and simultaneously gentle on the fabric, even in extremely difficult to reach spots.

Combine the PB440 with the Lavenia dry cleaning agent to deep spot clean any necessary areas.

pb440vacumop4. Vacuum and mop hard floors

The Vorwerk Kobold SP530 VacuMop attachment is a lifesaver! Save half the time by vacuuming and mopping at the same time. Perfect for delicate floors, it provides a thorough yet gentle clean.

For rooms that don’t need mopping or contain carpets/rugs, use the EB400 Automatic Brush. This smart attachment automatically and quickly adjusts to the floor type. Go from carpet to hard flooring and back to carpet without changing the attachment. The Automatic Brush will take care of the rest, providing the right level of suction and brushes to best clean carpets and flooring.

5. On to the next room!

Take your convenient accessory bag with all the attachments with you and start in the next room.


Vorwerk Kobold attachments are designed to not slow you down. They can be changed easily and quickly and offer a superior hygienic clean with only one pass.

Want to give someone the gift of convenience and a healthy happy home?

Call us to discuss what we have in store! 04 513 4689

And let us show you what it can do during a free demonstration at your home – no pressure to buy!


The Smart Robotic Vacuum (VR200)

Artificial Intelligence in the Household!


Artificial intelligence is not only used in space travel or large-scale industries, but surrounds us at every step, even in our own households. Some of the most useful technologies have been teeming with microprocessors and networked modules for a few years, but how did it happen? The world of experience takes a look back at the rather short history of artificial intelligence and shows us how we got from the computer with punched cards, to vacuum cleaner robots like the VR200 or internet-capable refrigerators.


The term “artificial intelligence” refers to a part of computer science that deals with the programming of learnable systems. Ideally, such machines have a kind of awareness and cannot only perform things, but are also able to solve unexpected problems independently. The term was invented in 1955 by John McCarthy, an American scientist, and is now considered the standard designation. The prospect of having non-human volunteers for difficult tasks aroused the thoughts of engineers and Hollywood directors alike. Who doesn’t remember classics like “Odyssey in space”, “Tron” or the animated film “Wall-E” from 2008?


Artificial Intelligence quickly made a jump from the stage to reality. Starting in the 1960s, the first montage robots captured the conveyor belts of the US auto industry and in 1970 the first mobile autonomous robot called “Shakey” was introduced. With the cute and sensitive robots of children’s films, the gray box on wheels, however, had little in common. At present, robots act dutifully in the background and are used in medicine, aviation or in the home. Soon they could show us their soft side, as our video clip proves:




Although our Videoclip is to be understood with a wink, it serves as an indication of where artificial intelligence could develop to be in the household. Household robots will always be able to learn and help make life easier for us. This is why the new VR200 is even more intelligent through the use of floor and ultrasound sensors. The VR200 is also able to detect obstacles on its way and to decide whether it can overcome them best with its integrated climbing aid or by moving around them. It switches effortlessly from cleaning hard floors, to climbing onto and deep cleaning carpets. (For further product details to our robotic vacuum cleaner can be found here.)
While exceptionally smart (and a necessary part of the households of the future), robotic cleaners are only one component in a technology-filled household: For example, some refrigerator manufacturers offer their customers intelligent devices that adjust the temperature depending on how full the fridge is with food. In the medium term, the devices should even be able to scan their contents, adjust food autonomously and adjust dynamically to the taste of their owners.  Smart technology will improve modern lighting and heating solutions that adapt to the level of activity from people and thus not only save energy, but also save us from the annoying question during the drive to work, “Did I really turn off the light?”
When it comes to technical innovations for your wellness in your home, the Vorwerk Kobold team keeps you up to date – promised.




  • Designed by the German engineers at Vorwerk for long-lasting quality
  • Sophisticated navigation technology with 360-degree laser scanning to map the environment 1800 times per second
  • Recommended by Choice in May 2016’s review of Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  • Built-in climbing aid to help navigate between different floor heights with ease – perfect for climbing onto rugs where other robot vacuums struggle
  • Wall sensors allow the VR200 to clean right up against walls and into corners for total room cleaning
  • Eco option allows you to reduce the volume of the vacuum and increase the runtime up to 90 minutes per charge
  • Full scheduling available so you can programme the VR200 when to clean your home
  • Excellent suction created by the unique Vorwerk motor system
  • Perfect for cleaning on all floor surfaces including carpets and hard floors
  • Very low profile, only 9cm in height to allow cleaning underneath beds and other furniture


Give it a try and let the Vorwerk Kobold robotic vacuum cleaner speak for itself. Book your free no pressure demonstration today. https://4work.me/book-a-session/


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The best vacuum cleaning system for sand in your car and home


Summer is finally over and outdoor activities are blooming in the UAE. With kilometers of beautiful coastline stretching along Dubai, the beach is one of our favourite wintertime activities. Whether you go to Kite Beach, JBR, or Al Mamzar beach (to list a few) or enjoy great camping sites like Al Qudra, your whole family is sure to enjoy the time outdoors.

It is undeniable, however, that after a day at the beach or camping, it seems sand somehow magically makes its way everywhere. Weeks after a beach day, I often find myself mystified that sand still occupies every nook and cranny of my car.

With the new Vorwerk Kobold VK200 upright, you can enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of leftover sand.

The All-In-One VK200 is the best cleaning system for removing sand from your car and home!



flexi-attachmentThe Flexo-Attachment
With the Flexo-Attachment you can clean textiles, most surfaces and even small crevices – perfect for your car.

The Upholsterboy (Kobold PB440)
is ideal for cleaning textile fabrics, upholstery and those tricky to clean areas. It is great for areas you have not been able to reach before. This VK200 attachment has an additional second motor inside the attachment to pull particles from deep within fibres/textile.



Need to deep clean your car seats?
Did someone sit on your seats with wet bathing suit bottoms? Or, do you simply want to spruce up your car for the season?

screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-12-08-07-amUsing the Upholstery Boy PB440 combines with the MP440 and MR440 attachments to dry clean upholstery. It uses Lavenia Snow cleaning agent, which is a toxic-free dry cleaning powder. You can now easily deep and dry-clean your car upholstery. Imagine! You don’t have to bother with taking your car to professional cleaners. We provide free training so that you or your help can use this simple system at home!

We hope you enjoy the season with us! Go outdoors and get messy. We will take care of the rest.



Give it a try and let the VK200 speak for itself. Book your free no pressure demonstration today. https://4work.me/book-a-session/

Learn more about the VK200: www.4work.me/Kobold-VK200

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New VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Test – Love at first sight


While we feel most vacuum cleaners do they job, it does not take much to see how much is missing… Brushes that cannot be removed and properly cleaned, so they simply spread the dirt and germs. Most cleaners have motors that emit carbon and end up polluting our air. Oh, and I cannot forget the deafening noise and weight that makes the very act of cleaning stressful. It’s tiring and not how cleaning should be.


Perfection is a device. The VK200 upright effectively, efficiently, and silently glides over surfaces, even filtering the air as it works. A breath of fresh air in every way!



When I used the VK200 for the first time, I was expecting putting in the filter bag to be the usual wrestling match. Instead, a snap and click later, I watched with amazement as the bag lifted itself neatly into place. Then, the LED filter display lit full green, showing the filter bag was empty and ready to go. I started on the carpet (where the VK200 practically drove itself) and when I moved to the floor, it automatically adjusted itself (lifting the front and lowering the brushes) to provide a meticulous clean. Is this love? I think so. Wow, I can actually hear my thoughts over the sound of the vacuum.


ONE DEVICE FOR ALL SURFACES – SIMPLY BRILLIANTscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-1-45-11-pm

Gone are the days where your closet is exploding with cleaning items and products. The Kobold VK200 vacuums and mops (at the same time using the VacuMop!), cleans upholstery and furniture, as well as expertly deep and dry-cleans mattresses and carpets. Plus, there is a soft nozzle attachment for dusting, an attachment for catching dust while drilling, an attachment for cleaning vents, blinds, and other high areas, and more.

Every detail of the VK200 has been meticulously thought through and perfected over 130 years. More than great design, this new cleaning system changes what home cleaning means. After all, why can’t cleaning be relaxing?



Each time after cleaning my home, I feel the difference. I have never been able to clean all of the surfaces in my home so quickly and easily. With a self-winding cord, putting the VK200 away is also a breeze. Plus, it hangs beautifully on the back of my closet door, ready to provide a superior clean for many years to come. Wait. Correction, a superior clean for a generation.


Give it a try and let the VK200 speak for itself. Book your free no pressure demonstration today. https://4work.me/book-a-session/

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Protecting Floors from the UAE Humidity

Let’s solve your sticky-floor syndrome!

You may have noticed a strange phenomenon in the UAE. Unlike any other place I have lived in, the floors somehow become sticky. Mixed with the sand, it takes no time for floors to become an unbearable mess…


Why do my floors feel sticky?

Hardwood and laminate floors often become sticky with high humidity, which is very common in the UAE. The humidity average is a high 53% to 65%, with the highest humidity during the winter months.

When floors feel sticky in high humidity, this is a sign that the finishing is breaking down due to the accumulation of dirt and grime over time. Certain other finishings simply do not do well in high humidity. For instance, shellac softens in high heat and humidity (and we recommend avoiding shellac finishing in the UAE for this reason).

Not only does high humidity bring out the damage done to our floors, but humidity also causes wood and laminate floorboards to swell and bend.

When living in the UAE, floors need extra care – to prevent damage from dirt and grime as well as high humidity.


How to protect floors?

  1. Keep your floors clean! As mentioned above, the accumulation of dust and grime, particularly finger grease, causes the gradual breakdown of flooring.
  2. Lastly, where possible, keep the humidity in your home down to a minimum (between 35% – 55%). you can measure humidity levels with a humidistat or a hydrometer. If the humidity levels go beyond this range, make adjustments, such as the use of a dehumidifier or turn your air conditioning colder.
  3. Clean using minimal water and soap. Prevent excess moisture by never using a wet mop and cleaning up any spills straight away. In addition, use minimal cleaning products. While we can think that the more soap we use the cleaner, in fact too much soap leaves behind a sticky residue, which can also be damaging for many floor types.

Given the delicate nature of many hardwood floors and the need to provide a thorough clean without the use of excess water and chemicals, we are proud to offer a tailored solution within the UAE. The unique Kobold VacuMop attachment (to the VK150 upright cleaning system) vacuums and mops at the same time, using a very small amount of water and non-toxic cleaning product to effectively clean all floor types, including delicate and open grain hardwood. The VacuMop will leave your floors squeaky clean and save them from any potential damage due to dirt and humidity.vacumop

That is not all!

On November 22nd, we will launch the greatest revolution in home cleaning, which works with the VacuMop to make it that much better!

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Why chores are invaluable for kids


Why is it important to give kids chores?


We often want to either spoil our kids or not deal with the complaining when given chores, but in fact, kids need responsibility and independence to flourish and grow. They need to problem solve and learn how to do things for themselves. Giving your child chores is beneficial for their growth and development.


Psychology Today highlights that kids who do chores learn to be kind, helpful, and grateful. Moreover, research indicates that children who have chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible and are better able to deal with frustration. These attributes contribute to greater success in school and in their future. For example, Marty Rossman found that a predictor of young adults’ success in their mid-20s was that they participated in household tasks when they were as young as three or four.


While it may take longer to set the table and there will surely be more moaning and groaning, chores also help kids feel like an important contributor in the family. In fact, we recommend using this to help inspire your kids to follow through on their chores. When my youngest complains that they do not want to clear the dishes from the table, it is useful to explain, “your dad bought the groceries, I cooked the meal, your sister set the table, and it is your turn to clear the dishes. We work together as a family”.

Age appropriate chores


It is important to find chores that are challenging enough for your kids to grow, but not so challenging that they end in frustration. Below is a useful chore chart that can help guide you in giving your children chores.


How does Vorwerk Kobold help?child-using


The Vorwerk Kobold is a great system for kids!

The Vorwerk Kobold All-In-One Cleaning System is an easy to use system and is appropriate for kids. It is lightweight and ergonomic. It can also clean everything including carpets and mattresses. Start with basic vacuuming, then mopping and vacuuming. Later, kids can learn the importance and how to clean the mattresses and carpets. They will be well ahead of the curve when they are teenagers!

The Vorwerk Kobold Robot is fun to programme and watch. Kids cannot wait to see the robot come to life and start zooming around your home. This high tech cleaner will make chore time fun for the younger ones.

Lastly, the Vorwerk Kobold handheld is the perfect lightweight and ergonomic mini (but powerful) vacuum to clean up little messes. For example, after craft time, or when your child spills something, they can learn the importance of cleaning as you go through quickly using the handheld. No mess, zero stress!




Learn more about the handheld!