The Vorwerk Kobold Lifestyle: What It’s Like To Work With Us!

Today, we would like to share with you what its like to work at 4WORK from the perspective of one of our staff members. Meet Nour! She is a mother of two gorgeous girls, four-year-old Zeena and seven-year-old Jana

Nour has worked with the team at 4WORK since day one and loves her job. If you are a woman who wants a career with a product you believe in, with flexible hours, then read on about her experience.

4Work Employee NourQ1. Is it hard to sell the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System?

Not at all. There are valid reasons why the Vorwerk Kobold has been so successful worldwide. The quality and durability are second to none. Many customers who are of German origin have shared with me that their Vorwerk Kobold VC lasted over 18 years and continues to run smoothly. Now, that certainly beats many women’s regular six-month purchases between vacuum cleaners! There are other skills associated with working at 4WORK (which are more important) like being social, networking well, and genuinely enjoying people.

"Part-Time Jobs are very suitable for me"Q2. Do you get support from your company

We get training and support from 4WORK. As the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System originates from Germany, just like the product itself, the training manuals and support is fantastic! It is very easy to change the different accessories. The different vacuum cleaner heads can clean different surfaces. You simply change the head, and you take your vacuum from tiles to carpets. So, learning the acute uses of the machine is easy and the support to network and sell is very much part of the job too!

4Work EmployeeQ3. How flexible is your job with the lifestyle of a mum?

Working in sales with 4WORK is the perfect role. As a mum, I need to be able to drop off the kids at school and pick them up. Sales advisors have flexible working hours and a very good commission scheme that allows you to pick up your kids from school, do your errands, and still contribute monetarily to your household. With Vorwerk, you can grow from a Sales Advisor to a Junior Team Leader, from a Team Leader to a Junior Branch Manager and then to a Branch Manager. It is you, the individual employee, who decides how far you want to go with your career path.

C15R0346Q4. What is your typical day like? 

My typical day begins with dropping my kids off at school; I can then go straight to my first appointment at 9am in the morning and then to one of Gerlinde’s ‘Good Living Morning Teas,’ which share healthy home tips for women and mothers. I could perhaps have another appointment, and then pop into the office before I pick my girls up from school.

C15R0360Q5. Do you clean with the Vorwerk Kobold System in your home? 

Yes, absolutely. The Vorwerk Kobold cleaning system really gets a lot of dust out of the atmosphere, which helps with kids’ allergies. What we don’t realize is that many of our allergies are right under our nose, especially the beds we sleep on. Since I have had the VacuMop, I have really enjoyed walking barefoot on my tiles. Your home becomes literally squeaky-clean, and it feels so good for the family. What’s even better is that it is so easy to use!

C15R0339Q6. What challenges do you think women have keeping their homes clean in Dubai?

We have a busy lifestyle, especially mums and working mums too are always on the run! The sand in the atmosphere always means you’re going to need to keep on top of it in your home. We have to learn how to deal with a constant presence of dust and dirt, but if we don’t get on top of it we can become ill, whether in the form of sinus problems or a niggling cold. The simple truth is, there are germs in your atmosphere, so get rid of them and live healthy! I do, with the help of my Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning system, and I haven’t looked back since!

If you like the sound of Nour’s lifestyle and believe you want to be part of this team contact 4WORK here today, or call the office on  04 880 0268.


CEO, Gerlinde Krupp from 4Work Dubai

Women Money & Style Catches Up With 4work’s CEO Gerlinde

Dubai’s Women Money & Style catches up with 4work’s CEO Gerlinde to discuss fashion brand Anna Mora & Brunella in Dubai.


December 8, 2013

Welcome to our third  feature in the Anna Mora & Brunella’s Real Women, Real Style Series’  Today, we’ll talk to the gracious Gerlinde, a beautiful woman and CEO of 4work Trading LLC whom Anna Mora & Brunella wish to celebrate for being elegant and on-trend when it comes to style.


Q1. Gerlinde, where are you originally from and what brought you to Dubai?

I am originally from Germany. Eight years ago I came to Dubai for a three-month project for my (then) employer. I absolutely loved the experience and knew I wanted to work abroad again. When my contract finished I went back to Germany, packed up, and permanently moved to Dubai. I have since loved every minute of living in the beautiful city of Dubai.


RED IS THE COLOR OF THE SEASON – Red is definitely the color of the season. Not only is it classy for Christmas, but also a great color to wear in winter!

Q2. When did you decide to start your own business?


For the past eight years I ran my own project management company, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I then took time off when I adopted my second daughter and didn’t work for 1.5 years. This past April, the timing was right and I set up 4WORK Trading LLC, which is the master franchisee of a  German cleaning system. I love my new and successful venture.

PERFECT FIT & FLOW – Gerlinde says, ” I love this Anna Mora dress – it is the perfect fit and flows ever-so-elegantly.”

Q3. What is your advice to other women who want to mix style with the reality of everyday living?


Strive for feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear. Just as our moods change on a daily basis, so do our wardrobes. One day you might feel confident in one dress, and another day, you would rather wear some trousers. By mixing and matching different accessories, you will change the entire look & feel of your outfit.

ALWAYS THE PERFECT LENGTH –– Anna Mora & Brunella’s dresses are always the perfect length.”I just love the hemline of this gorgeous black-and-white dress,” says Gerlinde. “It makes it versatile for both day or evening events”.


THE EVENING IS ABOUT ELEGANCE – The evening is always about elegance, especially in Dubai! It is important to cover yourself for certain venues and occasions. I love this outfit, it has a very modern and sophisticated take on elegance. 

Q4. Why do you think it is important for women, household CEOs, and mothers to feel good in what they wear?

When you feel confident and good about yourself, you look completely different. If you haven’t washed your hair, no make-up or some old clothes – you simply don’t even go down to the shops as a household CEO.

And definitely not to your work as you will not have the same feeling about yourself. For me it is so important to look good and feel good on a daily basis. And I love it when I go to the office and receive compliments from my colleagues and clients in what I wear! (In fact every woman does!!)

In Germany we have a saying: Clothes create people! I really believe in this saying!

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS – Don’t you just love the sheer arms and beautiful beaded detail in this top? “It’s features like these, that make a woman feel truly elegant,” says Gerlinde.

Everything about Gerlinde exudes pure class, and we love her style, from her fashion choices to her life advice. It makes sense that a business-savvy woman would look remarkable in Anna Mora & Brunella’s wardrobe.

Gerlinde is glamorous and efficient at the same time.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Janelle xoxo

Work With Us, Part Time Jobs available in Dubai


Do you want a job with flexibility, but don’t believe flexible part-time jobs exist for mums in Dubai? WMS has been networking, and we have discovered that there is indeed a perfect part-time job for mums in Dubai!

Meet Gerlinde – WMS  sat down with Gerlinde and her gorgeous girls, Sofiyia and Callie to learn a little more about her business 4WORK, and discover why the ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ is a great sales job for mums in Dubai.


Q1: Gerlinde, can you please tells us about the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System?

The ‘Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System’ is a system that transforms peoples homes into a clean and healthy living space. Below you can see a beautiful photo of a very happy customer Kerstin, who loves the Vorwerk Kobold Cleaning System.


WHAT CLIENTS SAY– Kerstin says, “I went for the Kobold Cleaning System as soon as I heard it was available in Dubai. I have used Vorwerk Kobold brands for many years, the value and quality is second to none!

Q2. How can women work as sales advisors?

As a Sales Advisor, you can participate in growing this company within the GCC. Vorwerk is the world’s 4th largest direct sales company its unique system’s reputation has been spread around by word of mouth.

Similar to a snow ball system, it simply starts with one contact, who then recommends more potential clients. This is how the system will keep you busy with demonstrations in many homes.


Q3: How does the experience and reputation of the product sell itself?

Every individual’s experience spreads around and you can be assured that the excellent reputation of the product supports your work – in fact I have personally found that the product sells itself.


Q4: Can you tell us about the flexibility of working hours?

Sales advisors have flexible working hours and a very good commission scheme that allows you to pick up your kids from school, do your errands, and still contribute monetarily to your household.

With Vorwerk, you can grow from a Sales Advisor to a Junior Team Leader, from a Team Leader to a Junior Branch Manager and then to a Branch Manager. It is ‘you’ who decides how far you want to go with your career path!


Q5: How can women get involved in selling this great product?

We have just set up the company, and the opportunity to be part of the growth of 4WORK Trading is now.

I welcome women to contact my office on telephone: 050 954 7772 or email:

It’s also important to keep in mind that Kobold has a turn-over of 820 Million Euros worldwide – it is simply the best cleaning system on the market. It speaks for itself.


WHAT THE SALES STAFF SAY – Meet Nour, Nour is a mother of two gorgeous girls aged Zeena aged 4 and Jana aged  7. Nor has worked with Gerlinde since day one and loves her job at 4WORK.

She says, “If you’re a women who wants a job that is about a product you believe in, and have flexible hours, then give Gerlinde a call today.”

If you like the sound of Gerlinde’s products, then I encourage you to contact her today!