Breath Easy: 9 Tips To Fight Allergies


The peaceful guitar solo of my alarm begins to play, shaking me from sound sleep. Time to wake up to another busy Monday.

I stretch and yawn, reluctant to move from the warmth of my bed. Through the crack in the slightly open blinds, I see it is another sandy day. A grey haze blocks the view of downtown Dubai in the distance.

Hazy DubaiMy husband is snoring loudly and, listening to him struggle (poor thing), I realize that this morning, like every morning, my nose is completely clogged.

I had once thought that this continual morning allergy was normal. Then, I learned (very disturbingly) that it is from sleeping on an unclean mattress…

In most homes, beds are the number one trigger area for allergy sufferers. Pillows and blankets are frequently homes for mold and dust mites. In particular, mold is frequently found in mattresses and pillows and releases spores that can trigger asthma symptoms. All is unfortunately made worse by the Dubai sand, which makes its way into our homes and lungs.

Combat these unwanted allergens by:

  1. Ensuring mattresses and bedding are vacuumed regularly with a quality HEPA enabled cleaner
  2. Using or investing in special mite-proof mattresses and pillow coversHEPA
  3. Washing sheets once a week in 130-degree Fahrenheit water to kill dust mites and their eggs
  4. Washing pillows and bed mats once a month
  5. Never allowing pets onto your bed
  6. Keeping pet sleeping areas and/or birdcages out of bedrooms
  7. Replacing your mattress or mattress topper every 10 years
  8. Replacing pillows every two years
  9. Ensuring air conditioning vents are vacuumed weekly

Download our free Room by Room Guide to an Allergy Free Home by Gerlinde Krupp for tips and tricks on identifying where allergens are lurking and how to get rid of them in a practical way!

Allergy Free Home Guidelines

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