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My name is Jennifer Sault and I am the new face behind the social media and online marketing at 4WORK. If you are new to 4WORK, it is the official GCC distributor of the best and most advanced vacuum cleaning system, the Vorwerk Kobold. 


Many people contribute to the success at 4WORK, but I like to think that I have the best job, engaging with the many people we serve online. Hearing our clients’ stories has proven to me that we are not just selling a vacuum cleaner, but the cleaning system of the future that will revolutionize cleaning as we know it. I know, cheesy, but really this is true.


My own experience with the Vorwerk Kobold has been one of discovery. For example, I will admit that I never cleaned my mattress before I was introduced to this system, but I always thought of what must be lurking and growing within… All the built up dead skin and the thriving army of dust mites… Every time I wake up in the morning with a clogged itchy nose, I know that this is from sleeping on an unclean mattress! So, I finally cleaned it using the system. The system is easy to use. I was surprised by how easily I could control it. It turned with ease and was so light it was as though it drove itself. In only half an hour and without the pain of having to wait for the mattress to dry, my bed smelled fresh and looked great. Finally, I can breathe!


What is your 4WORK story?



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Join us next week for our blog re-launch! We are reframing these blog articles to provide you with cleaning insights on everyday challenges and how we can overcome them to live both happier and healthier.


After all, we believe that cleaning shouldn’t be a struggle. Instead, it should be simple, efficient, and thorough, done without effort to make time and the environment for what really matters in life.


Clean well, live well!




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