A Healthy Home For Pet Owners

Vacuums are designed to pick up spills and messes in your home, but not every model is intended to clean up the hair your pet leaves behind. We have looked at three problems which all of the pet owners have to go through and how our VK150 can eliminate these.Asthma affects many Households in Dubai


1. Pet Hair:  After all, pet hair is still the main reason to have a suitable vacuum cleaner. Most dogs and cats tend to explore the trickiest of places in a household and leave stubborn pet hair behind which seem impossible to clean sometimes. Hair in carpets, rugs and tiles can only be sucked up with a vacuum cleaner that firstly has enough power but it should also include Adapters to get into every little corner. Vorwerks VK150 with it’s many attachments, including the Carpet Brush EB370, will carefully vacuum any type of rug or carpet. With its different suction level you do not have to worry about damaging the textiles and materials.

2. Allergens:  A home with pets is more likely to  contain airborne allergens.Holiday Season 2015 Only a vacuum cleaner with a good filtration system  can keep the air pure and free from animal hair, dust, and allergens. People with asthma and other allergies are highly recommended to use vacuum cleaners that are fitted with HEPA filtration. The Premium HEPA Filter Bag 150 for the Kobold 150 Vacuum Cleaner contains a micro-filter for tiny microscopic particles.Vorwerk Kobold 150 Premium Filter Bags are the world’s first TÜV certified filter bags. The integrated HEPA filter ensures that 99.9% of allergy substances are caught!

3. Time consuming:  All pet owners can attest to the fact that it’s impossible to confine pets, like dogs and cats to specific areas of the home. This means that most pets bring in a lot of dirt and allergens after they have played in the garden or after taking the dog out for a walk. In order to constantly have a clean Home and to still have time for your pets the VR200 is the perfect solution. The VR200 efficiently cleans your house, step by step with its integrated room scanner. Cleaning for pets



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  1. Camelia Brown says:

    It’s really a wonderful vacuum for pet owner. I absolutely want one too.

  2. VPS server says:

    By keeping these simple tactics in mind, pet owners and their companion animals can continue to share a happy and healthy home. And that’s good for everyone.

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