6 Must-Know Spring-Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners


Poster2It is now spring, and for many, it is the time of the year to thoroughly clean the house and prepare for a new year. Our fluffy friends also deserve a fresh space. So, as you clean your home this spring, or any time during the year, the below tips will help you keep your home clean and happy for you and your pet!


Make a plan to attack pet hair!

Ask any pet owner: One of the most persistent problems is pet hair everywhere. On the floors, carpets, furniture, clothes, or even beds … everywhere! The first step to eliminating this problem is having the right vacuum cleaner.

The Vorwerk Kobold VK150 Upright Cleaner is perfect for pet owners. It is designed in such a way to have the perfect pet hair free clean in no time at all.

  • Trap airborne dust, dander, and hair with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter bag. It will seal everything away, instead of recirculating particulates into your home. The HEPA filter is proven to minimize allergens and deliver a boost of air freshness. Simply, any odours will be gone. Also, this filter will trap any potential fleas.VacuMopSmall
  • The all-in-one VacuMop attachment ensures that you don’t waste time chasing hair. With the VacuMop, both vacuuming and mopping is done all at once for a quick and beautiful hair-free clean on any hard flooring in half the time.
  • The Kobold Polsterboy is designed specifically for stubborn pet hair on your furniture. It has a second motor inside to not only remove pet hair, but also to deep clean the area. The unique shape means that it can be used in between cushions and in corners. This attachment is gentle enough for the finest furnishing and can even be used to remove hair from clothes.



Dry clean to eliminate stains and odours

When dealing with those lovely “potty accidents”, nothing works better than dry cleaning the area. To prevent the same mistake from happening again, it is important to completely remove the odour as soon as possible. Also, if any stains remain from old accidents, spring-cleaning is the perfect time to make your home look and smell as good as new through a good dry cleaning!

With the Vorwerk Kobold cleaning system, dry cleaning at home is made fast and easy. Simply sprinkle non-toxic, allergen free and bio-degradable cleaning powders (Kobosan Active Snow for carpets and Lavenia for mattresses and pet beds). Then, use the Kobold EB370 Freshener Kit to massage the powders into the stain and vacuum away after 30 minutes. The Vorwerk Kobold system is gentle on your carpet, cleans thoroughly, and leaves a fresh clean smell.


Deep clean your pet’s favourite spots

Polsterboy CatIt’s a good time to clean your pet’s favourite sleeping spots! To clean their bedding, try to buy one that is machine washable or has removable covers to simply throw these in the wash. Also, you can place a towel under your pet’s favourite sleeping spot for easy regular cleaning.

None of this is necessary, however, as quick and easy deep cleaning can be achieved with the Vorwerk Polsterboy. Use this to remove pesky hair, mites, dust, and dander on a regular basis, leaving your pets’ spots perfectly clean and smelling fresh.


Have paw print free carpets

 Many pet owners avoid delicate carpets because inevitably dirty paws will ruin them anyway. This is no longer the case! With the Vorwerk Kobold EB370 attachment you can preserve even the most delicate of carpets without any worries that your pets will damage them. It has a conveniently placed foot switch to activate the soft function mode for a gentle touch. It also has a second motor in the attachment to ensure a thorough clean.


Let a robot clean when you’re not at home!VR200 dog small

Why spend time constantly cleaning pet hair when a high tech robot can do it for you? Simply program in the cleaning schedule and come home to a pet hair free home!

The Vorwerk Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner VR200 is great against pet hair. Among its many features, it has a high performance filter that collects and secures hair, dust, and mites, and signals when it is full. Its lithium ion battery has a long life and the robot automatically returns to its charging station when it is done cleaning. It has a specially designed brush system that cleans hard floors and carpets effectively. This cute robot will also clean under furniture and hard to reach places for a truly extensive clean.


Keep those toxic supplies away!

We want the best for our pet, so make sure not to use or store any toxic supplies or chemicals in a place Fido will find them. Using Vorwerk Kobold cleaning products is a great alternative because every item is natural, non-toxic, bio-degradable, allergen-free and, in short, perfectly safe for your pet. Unlike other natural cleaning products (baking soda, vinegar, and water), Vorwerk Kobold products will always give a deep efficient clean, leaving your home smelling fresh!


For more information on how Vorwerk Kobold products are perfect for cleaning with pets, please call the local official distributor, 4WORK on +971 4 513 4689. Book a free demonstration to see these products in action in your home!


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