Vorwerk set foot into GCC

The New Kid on the Block

Don’t misunderstand me, there are many good and functional cleaning machines on the market and more and more brands are making it into Dubai, but being German, I am always a bit nostalgic about a brand manufactured in my home country.
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So therefore, I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear, that Vorwerk has set foot into the GCC. A family owned company with a long history and tradition since its foundation in 1883, there is no German that I know who doesn’t know Vorwerk. My grandmother used to have a Kobold in her household as long as I can remember and she swore by the durability and quality of the machine.At Vorwerk, research, development and production are united in a single enterprise. With the Vorwerk Kobold you get what you expect; an innovative product that is practical, useful and extraordinarily durable. With a weight of only 3kgs and a maximum power consumption of 900-1300 Watts it is one of the most environmentally friendly household cleaning machines.I was fortunate enough to get a live demonstration on the new Vorwerk Kobold VK150 which is not just a vacuum cleaner but a complete system. This German engineered and manufactured system includes the world’s first 3-layered self-sealing HEPA filter dust bag which has been certified by the German TUV department especially for an allergy free environment, which your guests will appreciate as well. Various attachments allow completing many different cleaning tasks with just one machine.The deep cleaning attachment for mattresses, carpets and rugs is unique on the market in its capability to dry clean these items effectively. Their latest innovation is the new VacuMop, an attachment that mops and vacuums at the same time, saving you at least half of the time and leaving your wooden, tiled and marble floors incredibly hygienically clean.Attachments for cleaning upholstery, above floor and high up hard to reach areas are easily assembled and help perfecting the cleaning job.


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